If you are ill with covid-19 symptoms or test positive for covid-19

Please carefully review all of the instructions below.

If you are fully vaccinated

If you have tested positive and are fully vaccinated, you are required to isolate for 5 days AND until your symptoms have resolved. When determining your isolation period, please use the following criteria:

  • Day 0 = the first day you experienced symptoms (or the date of your positive test if you do not have symptoms)
  • Day 5 = last day of isolation
  • Day 6 = day you can leave isolation if symptoms have resolved

For example if you had symptoms that started on January 10 (day 0), you would have to isolate until January 15 (day 5), and could come back to campus on January 16 (day 6) provided you no longer have symptoms.

  • You must keep isolating until your symptoms have improved and you have been fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication. Some symptoms may continue after you’re no longer able to spread the virus to others. If cough, loss of sense of taste or smell, or fatigue are still present but are not getting worse after 5 days of isolation, you do not need to keep staying home.
  • After this time, you must wear a mask in public places when unable to maintain a two meter distance from others, until 10 days have passed from when your symptoms began or you tested positive.

Please note: Residents living in either Kananaskis Hall or Rundle Hall can leave their isolation suites after five days (AND until their symptoms have resolved) but they are still required to sleep in their isolation suites for ten days after the onset of symptoms. 

If you are not fully vaccinated

If you have tested positive and are not fully vaccinated, please contact ohn@ucalgary.ca for additional guidance.

Close Contacts

You are required to contact your close contacts.

Advise your close contacts that they must monitor themselves for symptoms of covid-19. If symptoms develop, they are required to isolate and should get tested.

Close contacts can continue to come to campus if they are well.

Informing Instructors or Managers

Students should inform their instructor if unable to attend or complete class content as scheduled while ill or isolating. Students are not required to provide documentary evidence for the absence.

Employees must inform their reports to manager if they will be absent from work. Report absences of more than 5 days to staffwellness@ucalgary.ca.

Additional Information

For additional information, please review Alberta Health Services’ information for:

*Fully vaccinated means you are immunized with two doses in a two-dose vaccine series or one dose of the Janssen vaccine.

Please note that in most circumstances, there will no longer be direct follow up from the occupational health nurse to person who has reported testing positive.

If you have any questions about any of this information, please e-mail ohn@ucalgary.ca.