COVID-19 Procedure for sick employees

This procedure was created for the University of Calgary in accordance with the Alberta Health guidance for post secondary. Updated Sept. 10, 2021.


To establish a guideline for employees when they become sick.

General Procedure:

  • All employees should be aware of symptoms of illness and not come to work if sick or symptomatic.
  • If an employee has symptoms, they should complete the self assessment on the Alberta Health Services website AHS COVID-19 Self-Assessment and follow guidance from AHS, which may include booking a COVID-19 test.
  • If the employee tests positive for COVID-19, reports go to Staff Wellness, for contact tracing.


Procedure if an employee becomes sick at work: 

1. If an employee becomes sick while at work, they should leave the workplace immediately if they are well enough (see transportation options below).

  • The employee should wear a mask while leaving the workplace and/or while waiting for transportation. Campus Security (403-220-5333) can be contacted to provide a mask to sick employee. Masks are also available through the Student Wellness Centre during regular office hours.
  • If employee needs to wait for transportation, they may stay in their current work location while maintaining a 2-metre physical distance from others. 
  • If weather is nice and employee is well enough, they can stay outside while waiting for transport.

2. Instruct employee to perform hand hygiene and avoid contact with others or the environment.

3. Regular routine cleaning and disinfection practices are recommended to keep transmission risk low. Common areas are routinely services by Facilities Caretaking.

4. Once at home, employee should complete the self-assessment on the Alberta Health Services website AHS COVID-19 Self-Assessment and follow the directions.

5. Staff Wellness ( should be notified if the employee tests positive for COVID-19.

6. Employees will remain off campus until cleared to return by AHS or Staff Wellness (based on AHS isolation criteria).


Recommended transportation options (in order): 

1. Employee drives self home.

2. Pickup by family or friend:

  • Remind employee to keep distance.
  • Masks can be obtained through the Student Wellness Centre or Campus Security (403-220-5333) if department does not have a mask to give to employee.
    • Have a co-worker come to pick up mask.

3. Pickup by taxi:

  • Provide employee with mask and instructions to perform hand hygiene before entering the vehicle.
    • Avoid touching inside the vehicle
    • Keep mask on for the duration of ride
  • NOTE that you will have to check with the taxi company if they will be able to transport and take precautions (e.g. clean inside of vehicle, etc.) 

4. Public transportation (bus, c-train) is NOT allowed under public health orders. 

5. Call 911 for individuals requiring emergency medical assistance.