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Keeping In Touch Committee

Dedicated to retaining contact with, and informing Retirees of University events

The Retirees Association is the vehicle that brings together retired staff of the University for the betterment of the members and their families and to foster ways that members can contribute to the life of the University.

The intellectual capital represented by the Retirees and their historical perspective concerning the evolution of our University are important elements. After years of dedicated service to the University it is important that we continue to have an awareness of the accomplishments and changing circumstances of the Retirees.

With this in mind the Retirees Association has created a "Keeping in Touch Committee" to retain contact and inform Retirees of activities at the University. We would like to know of important events in the lives of the Retirees. Examples might include:

  • awards and recognition
  • major accomplishments in retirement
  • milestone birthdays (90, 95, 100)
  • wedding anniversaries (60, 65, ..)
  • recovery from a serious illness or surgery
  • bereavement

Those who are not able to get out much might appreciate an occasional phone call from the Committee.

It is not our intent to be intrusive as not everyone may wish to be recognized or contacted. But we are anxious to support individuals and families who have given so much to the University community.
Since the number of Retirees is large we are dependent on the cooperation of others to reach out to our members. We have solicited help from Departments or Faculties at the University and we are interested in hearing from the Retirees also.

If you know of any Retiree who might appreciate a phone call or a note or someone who has a special event to celebrate, then please send a message to the Keeping in Touch Committee by email at or you may contact any member of the Committee by telephone or at the monthly meetings. It would be helpful if you left your name and phone number so we could contact you if we need more information. 

Elaine McKiel