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If you have a credit on your account, you can request a refund through your Student Centre. Refunds are sent as a cheque and may take 3-6 weeks to arrive; ensure your address is correct on your Student Centre prior to submitting the "Refund Request".

If you have questions regarding your refund request, contact Student Receivables at for assistance.

Student Loan and Scholarship Recipients

If you've received a student loan or a scholarship, your refund will be reviewed prior to funds being issued to ensure the refund is in alignment with student loan or scholarship regulations.

Payments Received by Cheque

If you're seeking a refund for fees paid by a cheque, there is a hold period to ensure the cheque clears before the refund can be issued.

  • For Canadian issued cheques, the hold period is 21 business days
  • For US loan cheques, the hold period is eight weeks

Not attending?

If you decide not to attend the university, you must drop all your courses in your Student Centre or request, in writing, that Enrolment Services cancel your registration on or before the term course drop deadline. You will be responsible for full tuition and related fees for courses not dropped by the deadline.