Undergraduate student cost estimator

Calculate the expenses of an undergraduate student for one year of study based on the 2024-2025 fee chart.

You can view the full undergraduate fees in the academic calendar.

Undergraduate Cost Estimator
Include the cost of textbooks and supplies

Student Tuition

Full time course load for two terms

Student tuition cost for a full time course load.

Other Costs

General fees for two terms

Your general fees give you additional value and are included charged in addition to your tuition fees. Some of the great benefits include:

Personal expenses for two terms

You will want to consider having $1000 - $4000 for two terms for additional expenses such as clothing, haircuts, toiletries, entertainment, hobbies and recreation.

Total cost
$31,867.74 CAD

The cost estimator is an estimate tool and actual costs may vary. The costs are for undergraduate students for both the fall and winter terms.

Tuition fees are reviewed regularly by the Board of Governors, in consultation with students. Full fee information is available in the university calendar. Tuition estimates are valid up to April 2025. Tuition rates for students admitted in Spring 2024 and beyond are updated and published in March 2024.

Funding your education

There are a variety of sources to help cover the costs of attending university including scholarships, awards and bursaries.

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Living in residence

Living in residence is a great way to fully immerse yourself in all that the
university has to offer.

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