We are always looking for motivated undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral researchers eager to participate in experimental, characterization and/or numerical projects.

It is a very exciting time to join us in the Reactive Transport Group. We are excited to be part of the new, lively, and forward-looking Department of Earth, Energy, and Environment. As we grow and reach into new fields of study as part of this new department, we will continue our tradition of training diverse, broadly interested scientists. We maintain a strong commitment to inclusion and diversity in the geosciences, and are dedicated to facilitating the success of any potential group members who demonstrate creativity, technical ability, and resolve.  Potential group members will ideally demonstrate strong quantitative skills, an interest in (hydro)(bio)(organic)(geo)chemistry, and a desire to tackle challenging earth science problems.  Students with a geoscience background are encouraged to apply, as well as those with backgrounds in materials science, engineering, computer science, physics, fluid dynamics, and/or applied mathematics.

Potential projects could include:

-Evolving seawater chemistry and its implications for sedimentary diagenesis and REE and Li enrichments in Western Canada
-Carbon dioxide removal via mineral carbonation in (ultra)mafic rocks
-Interpreting the Martian rock record to understand its history of climate and life
-Contextualizing geochemical hypotheses for the origins of life 

Email Ben (benjamin.tutolo@ucalgary.ca) if you're interested in these potential projects, or if you have something of your own in mind!  It is never too early to start planning to join us - opportunities are evolving rapidly.

Our Lab

All of RTG members' offices and lab space is located on the 5th floor of the Earth Sciences Building.

Give Ben a call (403) 210 7758, or drop him an email (benjamin.tutolo AT ucalgary.ca) to set up a visit.