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Graduate Studies Calendar 2019-2020 Tuition and General Fees C.1 Tuition Fees
C.1 Tuition Fees

Graduate students are assessed tuition and general fees as listed below. Refer to the Academic Schedule for payment deadlines or consult with the Faculty of Graduate Studies regarding payment plans.

C.1.1 Thesis-Based Students

Students in a thesis-based degree (master's or doctoral) program are assessed annual tuition fees. All tuition fees are pro-rated over four terms: one-third in Fall, one-third in Winter, one-sixth in Spring and one-sixth in Summer.

Students in thesis-based master's programs (excluding MBA) are assessed tuition fees for the first year, and after the first year, they are assessed annual continuing tuition fees. Students in the thesis-based MBA program are assessed full tuition fees in both the first and second years. After the second year, they are assessed continuing tuition fees (see section C.2 Program-Specific Fees).

Students in Doctor of Philosophy programs are assessed tuition fees until the term immediately following admission to Candidacy, and in all subsequent years, they are assessed annual continuing tuition fees. Spring and Summer are counted as one term.

The tuition fees below are annual and apply to all thesis-based programs except for those specified in section C.2 Program-Specific Fees.

  Canadian and Permanent Residents

International Students

Tuition fees (except MBA) $5,593.50


Tuition fees (thesis-based MBA) $11,463.12


Continuing Fees $1,627.38


C.1.2 Course-Based Students

Students in most course-based master's programs pay tuition fees on a per course basis. Students in course-based programs are assessed tuition fees by course, based on the level of the course; therefore, undergraduate students taking a graduate-level course (600 or above) will pay the Graduate Studies course fee. Graduate students taking an undergraduate-level course will pay the undergraduate course fee.

Some programs may charge additional program fees, refer to C.2 Program-Specific Fees.

Please note that differential fees may be assessed for courses offered by certain faculties or programs. All students who take these courses are required to pay the differential fee. Students in thesis programs who take courses with differential fee assessments will be required to pay the differential fee assessment in addition to their regular full or continuing fees.

The fees below apply to all course-based programs except for those specified in C.2 Program-Specific Fees.


Canadian/Permanent Residents

International Students
Graduate 3-unit course fee


Graduate 6-unit course fee $1,429.56 $3,245.28
Graduate Internship 1.5-unit course fee $357.39 $811.32
C.1.3 Audit Fees

Audit fee rates per 3 units:

Canadian/Permanent Residents

International Students



In addition to the tuition fees, students auditing courses must pay appropriate general fees as indicated in the General Fees chart. For courses with a differential fee assessment (e.g., MBA courses) a student who audits a course will be assessed half the current course fee and half the current differential fee.