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C.5 Payment of Fees

Balance of fees must be paid or notice of financial assistance provided, before the fee payment deadline for any term. Consult the Academic Schedule for fee payment deadline information.

All annual tuition and continuing fees are pro-rated over four terms as follows:

1/3 in Fall
1/3 in Winter
1/6 in Spring
1/6 in Summer

C.5.1 Method of Payment

Students may pay their fees by online banking, international fund transfer, cheque, money order and bank draft. Cheque, debit and bank drafts payments may be made in-person by visiting Enrolment Services.

For detailed information on how to pay fees, visit

If fees are to be paid from government student loans, proof of government funding must be confirmed by the University of Calgary prior to the fee payment deadline. Student loans will be confirmed electronically with a pre-approved remittance amount. A remittance amount is paid directly to the University toward the student account. No interest accrues if payment is received within 30 days after the term fee deadline. Payments received after the 30 day deferral are subject to late interest from the term fee deadline date forward. Any amount outstanding in excess of the remittance amount must be paid by the term fee deadline.

If financial assistance is refused by the loan provider, students are responsible to pay outstanding fees by the term fee deadline, including any late interest.

Note that students will not have their registration cancelled if financial assistance is refused and remain fully liable for all tuition and general fees owed to the University of Calgary and affiliates.

C.5.2 Graduate Student Payment Plan

Graduate students receiving funding through the University of Calgary may apply for a Payment Plan, which arranges the fee payment to be spread monthly over a period of time. For more information and eligibility, visit

C.5.3 Late Payment of Fees

Students whose fees are not paid by the term fee deadlines and who have not confirmed financial assistance will be charged interest on the outstanding balance at the rate of 1 per cent per month. Interest is calculated on the daily outstanding balance of $75.00 or more and is not compounded.

Students with an outstanding balance will have a hold placed on their record and services will be restricted. Students will receive email messages to their email address on a monthly basis if there is an outstanding balance. Interest rates are subject to change without prior notice. For more information visit

C.5.4 Delinquent Student Accounts

Any current or former student with an overdue debt to the University of Calgary, including any administrative department, the Students' Union or the Graduate Students' Association, will not be allowed to register, will not receive transcripts of grades or parchments at graduation and may also be denied access to other University services until the outstanding account is settled in full, or in exceptional circumstances an acceptable payment arrangement is made. Delinquent student accounts will be referred to a collection agency.

Students are encouraged to consult with the Faculty of Graduate Studies and the Wellness Centre if they are having difficulty meeting their financial obligations.

Note: This regulation pertains to students enrolled in all courses and programs offered by the University of Calgary.

C.5.5 Fee Refunds

Students are responsible and accountable for all assessed tuition and fees that appear on their student account. Tuition or general fee refunds will be made for courses dropped up to and including the course drop deadline as outlined in the Academic Schedule. If a credit balance for the term remains on your account, you can request a refund through the Student Centre.

If you've received a student loan or a scholarship, your refund will be reviewed prior to funds being issued to ensure the refund is in alignment with student loan or scholarship regulations.

After the course drop deadline, a student may withdraw from a course up to the withdraw deadline; however, no refund of any tuition or general fees will be made.

Thesis-based students who withdraw from individual courses will not have any changes made to their fee assessment for the year.

Thesis-based students who withdraw from program will have tuition fees assessed to the end of the term in which they withdraw. If the student withdraws from program before the fee payment deadline, the tuition fees for that term will be refunded.

Note: Some courses may have earlier fee payment deadlines or drop restrictions. These courses will have notes in the Class Notes section of the Schedule of Classes.