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Graduate Studies Calendar 2022-2023 Academic Regulations O. Appeals
O. Appeals

The University recognizes that there are instances when a student may wish to challenge University decisions about the student. When a dispute arises, every effort should be made to resolve the issues informally rather than resort to a formal appeal.

Student Appeals of academic assessments, academic progression matters, student academic misconduct and student non-academic misconduct may be made as described in sections I. Reappraisal of Graded Term Work and Academic Assessments (final grades) and J. Student Appeals to the University Appeals Committee and University Appeals Tribunal in the Academic Regulations section in the University Calendar.

Student Appeals of decisions of the dean made regarding registration status (see D. Registration, E. Combined Degrees, F. Interdisciplinary Degrees, G. Internships, H. Academic Standing, I. Language, and L. Theses) may be made to the Faculty of Graduate Studies Appeals Committee in accordance with the Faculty of Graduate Studies Appeals Procedures.

Student Appeals of decisions regarding supervision or the process for a thesis exam or candidacy component (J. Supervision, K. Candidacy, and M. Thesis Examinations) may be made to the Faculty of Graduate Studies Faculty Appeals Committee in accordance with the Faculty of Graduate Studies Faculty Appeals Procedures.

For information on continued registration while under appeal, see section J.1 Continued Registration While Under Appeal in the Academic Regulations section of the University Calendar.

For process information and resources regarding appeals please see the Student Appeals Office website at:

Students may obtain help in understanding the appeals process and in writing appeal letters from the Student Ombuds Office. For more information, refer to their website: