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Graduate Studies Calendar 2023-2024 Academic Regulations N. Graduation
N. Graduation

The deadline dates for Convocation requirements are set out in the Academic Schedule. Students are strongly encouraged to review these dates.

N.1 Application for Graduation

All students who expect to have their degrees or diplomas conferred must complete an online Application for Graduation, available through the Student Centre at Students who do not complete an Application for Graduation before the posted deadlines will not be cleared to graduate. The deadlines to apply to graduate are available online at

At the time of the application, students will also be asked if they wish to attend the Convocation Ceremony (see

N.2 Convocation Requirements

In order to be cleared to graduate, thesis-based students must successfully pass a final thesis oral examination, submit an electronic copy of the thesis to the University of Calgary Theses Repository - the Vault (, submit all required forms to the Faculty of Graduate Studies office, and fulfill graduate program requirements for the submission of thesis copies.

If a student has not been cleared to graduate before the student’s next annual registration date, the student must register. If the student does not register, the student will be withdrawn for failure to register. When the student subsequently applies for re-admission to graduate, the student will be assessed fees retroactive to the date of withdrawal.