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Graduate Studies Calendar 2018-2019 Tuition and General Fees C.4 Fee Regulations
C.4 Fee Regulations
C.4.1 Transfers between Course-based and Thesis-based Master’s Programs

A student transferring from a thesis-based route to a course-based route within a program will be assessed according to the tuition policy for course-based programs from the first term of registration in the course-based program.

A student who has completed 15 units (2.5 full-course equivalents) or fewer in a course-based route will be assessed full fees for one year from the date of transfer to a thesis route within the program. Annual continuing fees will be assessed for subsequent years. A student who has completed 18 units (3.0 full-course equivalents) or more in a course-based route will be assessed annual continuing fees from the date of transfer into a thesis-based route within the program.

C.4.2 Courses Taken Extra-to-Program

Students in a thesis-based or a course-based program who wish to take a course that is extra to their degree program will be assessed a regular course fee in addition to the regular graduate tuition assessment. For more information, see D.1 Registration.

C.4.3 Late Charges

Students who do not register by the posted deadline will be assessed a late registration fee of $60.00.

Students who make course changes (i.e., additions or substitutions) after the posted deadline will be assessed a fee of $60.00 for each Change of Registration form.

C.4.4 Leaders in Medicine

Leaders in Medicine students are permitted to register in both the MD and the graduate program simultaneously for one term for the purpose of taking the final examination without graduate fees being assessed.

C.4.5 Academic Staff, Postdoctoral Fellows and Visiting Scholars

Academic Staff, Postdoctoral Fellows and Visiting Scholars (not to be interpreted as visiting students) are eligible to audit courses without payment of fees, and are not required to seek admission to the University, but must obtain written permission from the instructor of the course on a "Permission to Audit" form obtainable online from the Office of the Registrar ( Such audits will not be recorded on an official transcript. Academic staff and visiting scholars who wish to have an audit course recorded on an official transcript must pay the regular audit course fees.

C.4.6 Distance Education Off-Campus Credit Fees

Fees for off-campus credit courses will be assessed at the time of registration in the course(s). Refer to the Academic Schedule for payment deadlines.

C.4.7 Exchange Students

The amount of tuition fees assessed and the institution to which fees are to be paid are determined by the Exchange agreement that is in effect at the time of the commencement of the program.

C.4.8 Visiting Students

Visiting students who take courses are assessed general fees and tuition fees on a per course basis.

Visiting student researchers are assessed campus recreation, student services fee and Group Insurance (graduate students only) each term. See A.3 Admission Categories for further information on the admission process.

C.4.9 International Students

Students who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada are required to pay a differential fee in addition to the international tuition fee.

Canadian student status includes: a) Canadian Citizens; b) Permanent Residents; c) conventional refugees.

International students who are dependents of foreign Consular officials will be assessed fees at the Canadian student rates.

International students whose immigration status changes will be required to provide proof of the new status before a change in fee assessment will be made. Students must provide a signed copy of their permanent residence papers or citizenship papers to enrolment services or the Faculty of Graduate Studies prior to the fee payment deadline for term. Requests received after the fee payment deadline will take effect during the next academic term in which the student is registered.

For 2018/19, the base international tuition fee for a 3 unit course is $611.28 at the undergraduate level and $811.32 at the graduate level.

Note: Applicants who are in Canada on a Work Permit or dependents of persons on a Work Permit are required to pay international fees, unless the dependents are Canadians or Permanent Residents.

C.4.10 Senior Citizens

The University of Calgary waives tuition fees related only to undergraduate, direct-entry bachelor’s level courses for senior citizens. The senior citizen must be 65 years of age or older by the fee deadline for the term they are registered in. Students are still responsible for the appropriate application fee and any mandatory supplementary course fees (if applicable).

Senior Citizens are exempt from paying Students' Union, Campus Recreation, Athletic and Student Services fees are waived; however, if senior citizens wish to use any of these services, they must pay the required fees. Any senior citizens who register as full-time students will be assessed the Students' Union Donation, as well as the Health and Dental Plan fees and must opt out using forms available at

C.4.11 Mandatory Supplementary Fees for Courses

Course supplementary fees may be charged to students for materials or services associated with particular courses or sections of courses. Students will be notified of the additional fees in one of two ways: (1) fees are viewable under Class Notes in the Student Centre; (2) once registered in a class with a supplementary fee, the fee will be indicated in the Finances section of the Student Centre. Departments/instructors are not permitted to charge mandatory supplementary course fees which are not assessed by the Registrar's Office. Departments may charge students a laboratory breakage fee when appropriate. The laboratory breakage fee should be approved by the Dean (or designate) and listed in the course outline.

Mandatory supplementary fees for courses are due by tuition fees payment deadline. In most cases, they are non-refundable after the last day to drop a course for the term(s); however, some courses may have earlier deadlines for refunds. When an earlier date is used it will be listed in the Class Notes section of the course schedule and on the faculty/department website.

The following general principles apply to course supplementary fees:

  1. Tuition fees should provide for credit instruction, which includes the following:
    a. Evaluation of work/performance which includes practicums, marking of papers, examinations and other assignments.
    b. Laboratories which include laboratory assistance or supervision, laboratory materials or supplies.
    c. Resources to support instruction. This includes, but is not limited to materials or services required as a result of the method of teaching used by the instructor, classroom audio visual equipment, models for art classes, practice rooms, films and videotapes used for instructional purposes, course outlines, etc.
    d. Library facilities and related basic services.
  2. Mandatory supplementary fees may be considered for special materials or services not included under general principle #1, if deemed necessary for the successful completion of the course as approved by the Provost and Vice-President (Academic).
  3. Optional supplementary costs are those the student has the option of obtaining from a variety of sources. Examples include but are not limited to art supplies, laboratory coats, goggles, project materials, medical scrubs.

Off-campus courses may be exempt from these principles as needed to accommodate different course structures. Questions regarding mandatory supplementary fees can be directed to the department initiating the fee.

C.4.12 Postgraduate Medical Education

A tuition fee of $485.23 per term, to a maximum of $970.46 over a 12-month period, will be charged to all residents/fellows enrolled in postgraduate medical education based on the number of months active in the program.

The above fees will be assessed at the time of registration. Fees will be waived on the basis of a reciprocity for Canadian medical school residents taking electives through the Cumming School of Medicine.

Residents/fellows will be sent a confirmation of their fee assessment with the fee payment deadline noted on the assessment. All fees are payable to the University of Calgary. See for payment options.

C.4.13 Donations to Bursary Funds

All students (including Open Studies and Visiting students) are being asked to make a tax deductible donation to the Student Peer Assistance Bursaries (undergraduate students) and the Graduate Students' Association Bursary Fund (graduate students). Full-time undergraduate students are automatically levied $10.00 per Fall and Winter Term; part-time undergraduate students and Summer Term (including Spring Intersession) students are levied $7.00 per term. Full- and part-time graduate students are levied $10.00 per year. The monies raised will be used to provide bursaries for undergraduate and graduate students in financial need.

Graduate students who wish to opt-out must do so in writing through the Faculty of Graduate Studies before the fee payment deadline of your Annual Registration by emailing The donation is not refundable after the deadline for payment of fees.