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Graduate Studies Calendar 2023-2024 Awards and Financial Assistance for Graduate Students B.1 University Assistantships
B.1 University Assistantships

University graduate assistantships are governed by the Collective Agreement between the Governors of the University of Calgary and the Graduate Students’ Association. Each year teaching units have varying numbers of graduate assistantships available to be awarded on the basis of merit. Students interested in such appointments should contact their graduate program administrator for information about eligibility, application deadlines and procedures. The stipends indicated are subject to change without notice. Appointments are available from most units in which graduate programs are offered. Categories of appointment include Graduate Assistantships (Teaching and Non-Teaching).

Graduate Assistantships (GA, Teaching/Non-teaching)

A Graduate Assistantship (Teaching) is an appointment made to assist with the instructional responsibilities of departments or faculties. GA(T)s are appointed to provide teaching or instructional service, which might encompass lecturing assistance, laboratory supervision, office hours, grading assignments, tutorial direction, assistance in preparation of demonstration and instructional aids, and other related academic duties.

A Graduate Assistantship (Non-Teaching) is an appointment made to assist departments and/or professors with non-teaching responsibilities. The duties of a GA(NT) may include, for example, collecting research data, interviewing research subjects, bibliographic work or general research services.

Remuneration paid to graduate assistants must comply with the Collective Agreement or the regulations of the agency providing the funds. The stipend is listed in the Collective Agreement.

Research Assistantships (Scholarship)

A graduate student employed as a research assistant builds academic experience by assisting with a research project, with duties similar to those described above for a Graduate Assistantship (Non-Teaching). Research assistant appointments are funded from the research support accounts for university faculty who select and recommend graduate students for such appointments. The stipends vary. This type of support is arranged directly between graduate students and their prospective supervisors.