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Graduate Studies Calendar 2017-2018 Courses of Instruction Course Descriptions E Entrepreneurship and Innovation ENTI
Entrepreneurship and Innovation ENTI

Instruction offered by members of the Haskayne School of Business.

Graduate Courses
Entrepreneurship and Innovation 601       Entrepreneurial Thinking
Business leaders are challenged to think entrepreneurially – to seek opportunities and find ways to turn opportunities into viable ventures. These may be for-profit, not-for-profit, or social ventures. Students will engage in experiential learning to complete a feasibility assessment of such an opportunity, including the concept of giving back to society.
Course Hours:
3 units; H(3-0)
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Entrepreneurship and Innovation 781       Introduction to Entrepreneurship
An experience-based course covering the prestart-up stage of business development through group projects and case studies designed to provide experience-based skill development in creativity, idea generation, and feasibility analysis.
Course Hours:
3 units; H(3-0)
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Entrepreneurship and Innovation 783       Opportunity Development
A project- and case-based course designed to explore concepts of opportunity development.

Course Hours:
3 units; H(3-1)
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Entrepreneurship and Innovation 785       Venture Development
A project-based course designed around the formation of business concepts in the formalization of a business plan.
Course Hours:
3 units; H(3-0)
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Entrepreneurship and Innovation 787       Applied Business Analysis
Approaches to advising new and existing ventures on effective venture development. Projects will involve the student conducting analysis of several ventures and providing advice to them.
Course Hours:
3 units; H(3-0)
Marketing 601 or consent of the Haskayne School of Business.
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Entrepreneurship and Innovation 791       Technology Commercialization
The process of taking a technology product or service from development to the market, including market strategies, finding investors and potential early customers, the role of advisors, legal issues and the importance of the exit strategy for founders and early stage investors. Students will be required to complete a major project to write a feasibility study for a new technology or a case study of a successful technology venture.
Course Hours:
3 units; H(3-0)
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Entrepreneurship and Innovation 793       Technology and Innovation Management
The dynamics of innovation as the primary driving force within firms and modern industrialized economies. Potential concepts are: incremental versus radical innovations, market-pull versus technology-push theories, dominant designs, technological trajectories, key factors for successful innovation. The emergence of new technologies; the importance of national and regional innovation systems; the role of science, regulations and social pressure in innovations dynamics; knowledge management; and implications for firms in rapidly changing industrial settings may be discussed.
Course Hours:
3 units; H(3-0)
Also known as:
(formerly Entrepreneurship and Innovation 797.03)
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Entrepreneurship and Innovation 797       Advanced Seminar in Venture Development
797.02. Strategic Legal Planning for New Ventures

Course Hours:
3 units; H(3S-0)
Consent of the Haskayne School of Business.
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Entrepreneurship and Innovation 799       Doctoral Seminars in Venture Development

799.01. Entrepreneurship: The State of the Art

799.02. Conceptual Models and Theories of New Venture Development

799.03. Special Topics in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

799.04. Advanced Topics in Entrepreneurship

Course Hours:
3 units; H(3S-0)
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