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3.3 Course Work
Field Practicum

Field practicum courses provide an opportunity for the student to learn through direct social work practice. Successful completion of these courses is a requirement for continuation in the program. In all BSW program routes, students are required to complete a number of 300-level Social Work courses before registering in field practica. Students are advised to review the curriculum plan specific to their route.

The field practicum courses are Social Work 410 and 412. All continuing students planning to enrol in the field practicum courses must register in the appropriate course(s). Students will be assigned placements in the field practicum based on availability and student interest and choices made by agencies. Information on field placement arrangements, including international placements, is available from the Director of Field Education.

Students are expected to be in practicum for a specific number of hours per week for the duration of their scheduled term. The practicum represents a significant time commitment. Students must ensure that they are aware of field requirements, and available for field placements as scheduled, in order to complete their practica within the appropriate terms.


  • Students must maintain concurrent registration in practica and related integrative seminars (that is, the practicum Social Work 410 must be taken at the same time as the integrative seminar Social Work 411 and the practicum Social Work 412 must be taken at the same time as the integrative seminar Social Work 413).
  • Social Work 411 and 413 are not eligible for a CG grade.
  • Students registered in the field practicum courses, Social Work 410 and 412, are required to attend the practicum during Reading Week in both the Fall and Winter Terms. Students should also note that Social Work practicum courses will normally run one week past the last day of lectures in Fall and Winter Terms.
  • International students must have a valid work permit for their practica in Canada. The work permit must be presented to the Field Education Office in the Faculty of Social Work prior to the start of the practicum.
Police Information Check

Students are advised that agencies that offer social work practicum placements may require a current Police Information Check (PIC) prior to acceptance into a placement. The placement agency has the discretion to refuse a placement based on a Police Information Check. Registration with the Alberta College of Social Workers (ACSW) also requires a Police Information Check. Students who are concerned about the presence of a criminal record should contact the police department to discuss the process for eliminating or erasing such a record. Students are obligated to inform the Faculty immediately of any change in status of their criminal record. Alberta Health Services (AHS) requires the Faculty of Social Work to document a PIC for all students placed in AHS practica.

Immunization Requirements

Many practicum settings require students to be immunized prior to a practicum placement, e.g., Alberta Health Services see

Students must meet immunization requirements prior to the start of all practicum courses if required by their practicum agency.

Student Advising

The Faculty of Social Work Student Services Offices in Calgary, Edmonton and Lethbridge advise students on academic matters and University regulations. Students can drop-in or book an appointment with a student advisor through the online booking system.