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University of Calgary Calendar 2018-2019 Faculty of Science 4. Program Details 4.5 Mathematics and Statistics
4.5 Mathematics and Statistics
Degrees Offered

Undergraduate Programs



Combined/Concurrent Degrees1

Actuarial Science BSc BSc Honours, BSc Co-op, BSc Honours Co-op BComm/BSc2
Mathematics BSc BSc Honours  
General Mathematics BSc   BSc/BEd3

Suspended Programs

Undergraduate Programs



Effective Date
Applied Mathematics BSc BSc Honours Fall 2018
Pure Mathematics BSc BSc Honours Fall 2018
Statistics BSc BSc Honours, BSc Co-op Fall 2018

There are many options for graduate studies leading to MSc and PhD degrees in the area of Mathematics and Statistics. Details of graduate specializations can be found in the graduate section of this calendar.

1All degrees in the Faculty of Science, except Environmental Science, can be combined with eligible BA and BSc programs from the Faculty of Arts. Please refer to Section 3.4 for information on combined degrees, double majors with programs within the Faculty of Science as well as combined degrees with programs from other faculties. Students interested in pursuing these degrees are encouraged to speak with an advisor in the Undergraduate Science Program to develop a degree completion plan.

2Combined Degree with the Haskayne School of Business.

3The BSc/BEd program is a current degree offered with the Werklund School of Education. Please see section 4.5.9 and the Werklund School of Education section of the calendar for more details.

Programs Offered

BSc and BSc Honours in Actuarial Science

BSc and BSc Honours in Actuarial Science Co-operative Education

BSc and BSc Honours in Mathematics

BComm/BSc Combined Degree in Actuarial Science and Business

BSc/BEd Concurrent Degree in General Mathematics in Education

Minors in Actuarial Science, Mathematics and Statistics

Suspended Programs

BSc and BSc Honours in Applied Mathematics

BSc and BSc Honours in Pure Mathematics

BSc and BSc Honours in Statistics

Minors in Applied Mathematics and Pure Mathematics

Department vs. Faculty Regulations

Programs in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics are governed by a combination of general Faculty of Science regulations and the additional program specific regulations listed below.

It is essential for students to be familiar with both sets of regulations. It is helpful to read Section 3 (Faculty Regulations) first.

Students should consult Academic Requirements in their Student Centre periodically to ensure that all requirements are being met. Students are strongly urged to consult the Department or Undergraduate Science Centre (USC) at all stages of their program.

Department Information

Courses offered by the Department bear the labels Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science. The course descriptions appear in the back of this Calendar in three non-contiguous alphabetically arranged blocks.

All students intending to pursue a Major or Honours program in Mathematics or Actuarial Science should consult the Associate Head - Undergraduate. The Associate Head - Undergraduate can provide advice on such important matters as specialized programs available within the field, recommended course sequences, possible combinations of Major and Minor fields and recommended undergraduate study leading to graduate study.

Mathematics and Statistics

Department Office: Mathematical Sciences 476

Telephone: 403.220.5203

Fax: 403.282.5150



Diagnostic Testing and First-Year Mathematics Prerequisites

Refer to C. Mathematics Competency Equivalents in the Academic Regulations section.

Special Assessment (Challenge Examinations)

Students who are enrolled in Mathematics 211 or 265, but who feel that they have already mastered the course material, may take a challenge examination during the first week of classes. Students who pass the appropriate test are granted special assessment status for that course and direct entry into Mathematics 311 or 267, respectively. Credit will be given for the course taken by special assessment, a grade assigned, and the regular course fee will be assessed. Students interested in pursuing special assessment should consult the Department during the first week of classes.

Core Courses

All programs include the following common core of courses: