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Summary of Changes for the 2023-2024 Calendar
University of Calgary Calendar 2023-2024 Faculty of Science 4. Program Details 4.4 Earth, Energy, and Environment
4.4 4.4 Earth, Energy, and Environment
Degrees Offered

Undergraduate Programs1



Geology BSc BSc Honours, BSc Internship, BSc Honours Internship
Geophysics BSc BSc Honours, BSc Internship, BSc Honours Internship

There are many options for graduate studies leading to MSc and PhD degrees in the area of Geosciences. Details of graduate specializations can be found in the graduate section of this calendar.

1All degrees in the Faculty of Science, except Environmental Science, can be combined with eligible BA and BSc programs from the Faculty of Arts. Please refer to Section 3.4 for information on combined degrees, double majors with programs within the Faculty of Science as well as combined degrees with programs from other faculties. Students interested in pursuing these degrees are encouraged to speak with an advisor in the Undergraduate Science Centre to develop a degree completion plan.

Programs Offered

BSc and BSc Honours in Geology

BSc and BSc Honours in Geophysics

BSc and BSc Honours in Geology Internship

BSc and BSc Honours in Geophysics Internship

Minors in Geology and Geophysics

Double Major and Combined Degree Programs

Double major programs are allowed combining any two of: (i) Geology, (ii) Geophysics, (iii) Earth Science, (iv) Environmental Science (Geology)
Combined degree programs are allowed combining Geophysics with one of (i) Geology, (ii) Environmental Science (Geology)

Suspended Programs

BSc and BSc Honours Geology (Petroleum Geology Concentration)

BSc and BSc Honours Geology (Petroleum Geology Concentration) Internship

Department vs. Faculty Regulations

Programs in the Department of Earth, Energy, and Environment are governed by a combination of general Faculty of Science regulations and the additional program specific regulations stated in the following sections.

It is essential for students to be familiar with both sets of regulations. It is helpful to read the Faculty Regulations in Section 3 first.

Students should consult Academic Requirements in their Student Centre periodically to ensure that requirements are being met. Also, students are strongly urged to consult with the Undergraduate Science Centre (USC) at all stages of their program.

APEGA Requirements

The practice of geology and geophysics in Alberta is governed by Provincial law and regulated by the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA).

In order to meet the requirements of professional registration, specific academic training and four years of appropriate full-time experience as a geologist- or geophysicist-in-training following graduation are needed.

The Majors and Honours BSc programs in Geology, Geology (Petroleum Geology Concentration), and Geophysics, whose course requirements are stipulated in sections 4.4.1-4.4.5, with the exception of 4.4.4 Environmental Science - Geology Concentration, meet the current academic requirements for professional registration with APEGA, if the appropriate options are taken (see the Notes in the Required Courses subsections in sections 4.4.1-4.4.5, with the exception of 4.4.4 Environmental Science - Geology Concentration). These academic requirements are available on the APEGA website:, and on the Department website (see below).

Department Information

Department Office: Earth Sciences 118

Telephone: 403.220.8600


Enrolment Limitations

Program Enrolment Limits

1. The Department of Earth, Energy, and Environment limits enrolment in all programs. Students may be directly admitted into the Geology or Geophysics programs. Students may also apply to transfer into the Geology (Petroleum Geology Concentration) program after completion of 30 units. As space permits, the Department will accept a certain number of students who wish to gain admission to the Department's programs by transferring from other institutions or programs. Any student requesting admission at this level is subject to section A.5 of the Admissions section of this Calendar. In the event that the number of students choosing any of these programs exceeds the number that can be accommodated by available resources, students will be admitted to that program in descending rank order of academic performance until the enrolment limit is reached.

2. Admission will be granted for Fall Term only and will be based upon academic merit. Due to limited enrolment capacity in many senior courses, it may not always be possible to accommodate every student's choice of optional geology courses in the third and subsequent years.

Course Enrolment Limitations

Many of the second-, third- and fourth-year courses in Geology and Geophysics are limited-enrolment courses, and priority for enrolment is given to students registered in one of the following programs: Geology, Geology (Petroleum Geology Concentration), Geophysics, Environmental Science (Geology Concentration), Natural Sciences (Geoscience Concentration), Earth Science.