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University of Calgary Calendar 2023-2024 Tuition and General Fees P.4 Tuition and Fee Regulations P.4.13 Mandatory Supplementary Fees for Courses
P.4.13 Mandatory Supplementary Fees for Courses

Course supplementary fees may be charged to students for materials or services associated with particular courses or sections of courses. Students will be notified of the additional fees in one of two ways: (1) fees listed under Class Notes in the course details section of the Schedule of Classes; (2) once registered in a class with a supplementary fee, the fee will be indicated in the Finances section of the Student Centre.

Departments/instructors are not permitted to charge mandatory supplementary course fees which are not assessed by the Registrar's Office. Departments may charge students a laboratory breakage fee when appropriate. The laboratory breakage fee should be approved by the Dean and listed in the course outline.

Mandatory supplementary fees for courses are due by tuition fees payment deadline. In most cases, they are non-refundable after the last day to drop a course for the term(s); however, some courses may have earlier deadlines for refunds. When an earlier date is used it will be listed in the Class Notes section of the Schedule of Classes and on the faculty/department website.

The following general principles apply to course supplementary fees:

1. Tuition fees should provide for credit instruction, which includes the following:

a. Evaluation of work/performance which includes practicums, marking of papers, examinations and other assignments.

b. Laboratories which include laboratory assistance or supervision, laboratory materials or supplies, unless supplies are kept by the student.

c. Resources to support instruction. This includes, but is not limited to materials or services required as a result of the method of teaching used by the instructor, classroom audio visual equipment, models for art classes, practice rooms, films and videotapes used for instructional purposes, course outlines, etc.

d. Library facilities and related basic services.

2. Mandatory supplementary fees may be considered for special materials or services not included under general principle #1, if deemed necessary for the successful completion of the course as approved by the Provost and Vice-President (Academic).

3. Optional supplementary costs are those the student has the option of obtaining from a variety of sources. Examples include but are not limited to art supplies, laboratory coats, goggles, project materials, medical scrubs. Off-campus courses may be exempt from these principles as needed to accommodate different course structures. Questions regarding mandatory supplementary fees should be directed to the faculty/department offering the course.