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University of Calgary Calendar 2019-2020 Tuition and General Fees P.1 Undergraduate and Graduate Fees P.1.15 Faculty of Social Work (Edmonton and Lethbridge Divisions)
P.1.15 Faculty of Social Work (Edmonton and Lethbridge Divisions)

Students who are admitted to the University of Calgary's Faculty of Social Work program but are attending the University of Lethbridge or the University of Alberta campus will be assessed University of Calgary tuition fees. Students will also be assessed the student donation, but can opt out of this fee by completing the online Change of Donation form. Students are also automatically enrolled in the Student Health and Dental Plan (see P.2.2). University of Calgary general fees will not be assessed; however, students will be responsible for paying the required general fees of the institution that they are attending. These fees will be visible in the online Student Service Centre and can be paid via standard University of Calgary payment options.

Inquiries regarding general fees may be directed to the program co-ordinator at the institution which the student is attending.