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University of Calgary Calendar 2018-2019 Faculty of Nursing 4. Program Details 4.2 Bachelor of Nursing Program at Medicine Hat College Site
4.2 Bachelor of Nursing Program at Medicine Hat College Site

The Bachelor of Nursing program at Medicine Hat College is a four year partnership program offered entirely at the Medicine Hat College site, allowing students in the Medicine Hat area increased access to a baccalaureate program without having to relocate. This innovative Bachelor of Nursing degree program prepares students for the opportunities and challenges of a nursing career in a changing health-care system. Throughout the program, students are provided with a sound theoretical base and supervised practice experience in a variety of nursing settings.


Students will apply to enter the program in year one at Medicine Hat College. Upon successful completion of their first two years of the program and upon meeting the University of Calgary Faculty of Nursing admission criteria (minimum 2.00 GPA on the last 30 units or 5.0 full-course equivalents), students apply to enter the University of Calgary as third year students. The remaining courses will be completed as University of Calgary students at Medicine Hat College.

Course Requirements

1st Year

First and Second Years of the program are Medicine Hat College courses.1

Terms 1 and 2

Biology 275

English 252

Statistics (Statistics 333 recommended)

Biology 277

Junior Arts Option (Suggestions: Psychology 205 or Sociology 201)

Philosophy Option (Philosophy 313 recommended)

Junior Open Option (Cellular, Molecular and Microbial Biology 250 recommended)

Junior Open Option (Interdisciplinary Studies 100 recommended)

Junior Open Option

Junior Open Option

2nd Year

Term 3

Nursing 285

Nursing 287

Nursing 288

Nursing 289

Term 4

Nursing 385

Nursing 387

Nursing 388

Nursing 389

3rd Year

Term 5

Nursing 485

Nursing 487

Nursing 488

Nursing 489

Term 6

Nursing 495

Nursing 497

Nursing 498

Nursing 499

4th Year

Term 7

Nursing 585

Nursing Senior Option

Nursing Senior Option

Nursing 589

Term 8

Nursing 599

1First and Second Year course descriptions will not be listed in the University of Calgary Calendar since students must complete them prior to their admission to this institution.

Other Requirements

Promotion from third year to fourth year is by recommendation of the University of Calgary Faculty of Nursing. For purposes of promotion, the academic year is considered to be from September 1 of one year to August 31 of the next. Hence, Spring/Summer grades are calculated with the previous Fall/Winter Term grades. The minimum requirement is a grade point average of 2.50 in each of the third and fourth years.

Program Regulations

Duration of Degree Program

Except with special permission of the Associate Dean (Undergraduate Programs), the BN degree must be completed within seven calendar years from the date of initial registration in the program.

Nurse Registration Examinations

In order to be considered eligible to write the nurse registration examinations, BN students at the Medicine Hat College Site are required to complete the fourth year program requirements with a minimum 2.50 grade point average.