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University of Calgary Calendar 2023-2024 Faculty of Nursing 3. Faculty Regulations 3.1 Admissions
3.1 Admissions
Limitation of Enrolment

Admission to the Faculty of Nursing is competitive. While every attempt will be made to accept all qualified applicants, enrolment will be limited to the number of students that can be accommodated by the resources available to maintain an acceptable quality of education.


BScN high school, Indigenous Community and Rural Community

Detailed admission requirements available in A.5.1.1 Admission Requirements

BScN Transfer Students

BN (year 2) Transfer Students only

Detailed admission requirements available in A.5.3.1 Transfer Admission Requirements

BScN Program at Medicine Hat College Site

Detailed admission requirements available in A.5.1.1 Admission Requirements and A.5.3.1 Transfer Admission Requirements (for Indigenous Community Siksika Nation Pilot and Rural Community)

For all application dates and deadlines:

Flexible Grade Option (CG Grade)

Faculty of Nursing does not consider courses with a CG grade for admission purposes. Courses with CG grade will not be used in GPA calculation and will not meet prerequisite course requirements.

Second Baccalaureate Degree

Students who have received one or more approved undergraduate degrees (BA, BSc, BEd, etc.) may apply for admission to the Bachelor of Nursing. Students who hold a previous bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in nursing, which at the discretion of the University is deemed similar or equivalent, will not be considered for admission.

Students must apply to the Admissions Office and meet all deadlines and requirements. For more information regarding admission to a second undergraduate degree, refer to A.5.5 in Admissions.

Attendance in a Prior Nursing Program

Applicants who have been previously or are currently enrolled in a baccalaureate Nursing program at another institution, must submit:

1) A letter which outlines their academic plans and explains their reasons for transferring to the University of Calgary program and,

2) Applicants who are currently enrolled in a nursing program, will be contacted for additional documentation to confirm they are in good standing.

A follow-up interview with the Associate Dean Undergraduate Programs (or delegate) may be required as part of the review process. Admission is not automatic; applicants will be considered on an individual basis. In instances where applicants have failed prior nursing courses or have been required to withdraw from a prior nursing program, the letter must also explain why they are now likely to be successful. Refer to Admissions, section A.7 Required to Withdraw and Suspended Students for more detailed information.

The Faculty of Nursing does not normally accept applications from students who have been required to withdraw, or who have been expelled from any school or college of nursing.

Immunization Requirements

All nursing students are required to complete a series of immunization and diagnostic tests as outlined on the Student Immunization Worksheet. Required immunizations will follow Alberta Health Services (AHS) guidelines for learners in place at the relevant time to enable participation in clinical placements at AHS sites. Documented proof of completion must be provided to the Faculty of Nursing prior to commencement of the program.

Throughout the Nursing program, students are required to ensure that immunizations are current and must provide proof of updates to the Faculty of Nursing. Students who do not have current and complete immunizations will not be able to complete clinical placements required in the BN program. Immunization requirements may change during the program.

N-95 Fit Testing

All Nursing students must be fit tested for an N-95 mask. Students may be required to wear this mask in the practice setting to help protect against certain communicable diseases. Documented proof of a fit test must be provided to the Faculty of Nursing prior to commencement of the program. Fit testing is only valid for one or two years; therefore students must present proof of a second fit testing at the time of expiration.

English Language Proficiency

The Nursing profession requires a high level of spoken and written communication skills in order to ensure patient safety. Students who, after admission, show an inadequate command of spoken or written English must improve their proficiency to the Faculty's satisfaction in collaboration with an approved English language program. Students may be asked to withdraw from the program if their inadequate command of English interferes with their ability to provide patient care.

Applicants should also be aware of the English Language Proficiency requirements as outlined in A.12 of the Admissions section of this Calendar.

Skills and Abilities for Becoming a Registered Nurse in Alberta

Nursing students require certain basic skills and abilities to progress through a nursing education program and for initial entry to practice as a Registered Nurse in Alberta. Prospective students are encouraged to review the document "Requisite Skills and Abilities for Becoming a Registered Nurse in Alberta (2022)" to identify their fit with the requirements of becoming a registered nurse and/or identify their potential need for accommodation1 in becoming a member of the nursing profession. Examples following each requisite skill and ability are included in the document in order to provide a snapshot of the nature and kind of activities involved in typical entry-level registered nurse practice.

1Accommodation is the process of making alterations (to the point of undue hardship) to the delivery of services so that those services become accessible to more people, including people with disabilities. (Alberta Human Rights Commission).

Police Information Check

All applicants to the Faculty of Nursing are required to provide a current Police Information Check which includes a Criminal Record Check and a Vulnerable Sector Search. In order to be considered "current", the Police Information Check must be completed during the three months prior to admission, (i.e. June 1-August 31 for Fall admission; October 1-December 31 for Winter admission). The original Police Information Check must be presented, in person, or via the online ePIC system, to a Faculty of Nursing Student Advisor. Without this documentation, admission to the Faculty will be rescinded. Detailed information, including deadlines, is available on the Faculty of Nursing website at:

Students who are concerned about the presence of a criminal record should contact the Parole Board of Canada for information on receiving a Canadian Pardon/Record Suspension.

Failure to present a clear Police Information Check may result in admission being denied/rescinded. An internal University appeal process is available to applicants who are refused admission for this reason.

Subsequent to admission and at any time during the program, a student may be required to produce a current Police Information Check, the results of which could require their withdrawal from the program, in the sole discretion of the University. Students are obligated to inform the Faculty immediately of any change in status of their criminal record.

Work Permit

Upon admission to a Nursing Program, International Students must present a valid Co-op/Internship Work Permit. The Work Permit must be presented to the Faculty of Nursing, Undergraduate Programs Office, prior to the first day of classes. In addition, the Work Permit must remain valid for the duration of the program.