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University of Calgary Calendar 2019-2020 Academic Regulations I. Reappraisal of Graded Term Work and Academic Assessments (final grades) I.3 Reappraisal of Academic Assessments (Final Grades)
I.3 Reappraisal of Academic Assessments (Final Grades)

In the reappraisal of a final grade, the only element that will be considered is the grading of the final assessment that makes up the final mark (e.g., final examination, final project, final paper). An exception may occur when the Instructor of Record evaluates a piece of graded term work at the end of the term; that grade may also be considered in a reappraisal of final grade.

A student seeking a reappraisal of a final grade should first attempt to review the final assessment with the department or faculty offering the course. After which, the student shall obtain a Reappraisal of Final Grade form from (under Student Forms). The student must indicate exactly what error was made in marking the final assessment and/or in computing the final grade. The reappraisal will only be considered if the student provides a detailed rationale that outlines where and for what reason an error is suspected.

Students requesting a reappraisal of a final grade must submit their request by the following dates:

Fall Term – March 1
Winter Term – June 30
Spring Intersession – August 15
Summer Term – October 15
Supplemental Examinations: 30 calendar days from the date the examination was written

For information relating to Law, Veterinary Medicine and the Cumming School of Medicine (MD) courses, please refer to the faculty section.

The reappraisal form shall be submitted to Enrolment Services who will forward it to the department head or dean of the faculty offering the course. Reappraisals of final grades are dealt with by the head of the academic unit in consultation with members of academic staff. Normally, the department/faculty will respond to a reappraisal request within thirty calendar days of its initiation. After the reappraisal is completed, the department shall return the form to the Registrar's Office who shall inform the student in writing of the decision.

Students should be aware that the grade being reappraised may be raised, lowered or remain the same. A student may request a reappraisal of final for a maximum of two courses in one academic year (September 1 – August 31).