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University of Calgary Calendar 2018-2019 Academic Regulations I. Reappraisal of Grades I.2 Reappraisal of Graded Term Work I.2.1 Non-Disciplinary Appeals – Faculty Appeals Committee
I.2.1 Non-Disciplinary Appeals – Faculty Appeals Committee

Reappraisal of term work is generally settled at the departmental level. If the student is not satisfied with the decision and wishes to appeal, the student shall address a letter of appeal to the dean of the faculty offering the course within fifteen days of the unfavourable decision. In the letter, the student must clearly and fully state the decision being appealed, the grounds for appeal and the remedies being sought, along with any special circumstances which warrant an appeal of the reappraisal. The student should include as much written documentation as possible.

At this stage the dean, at the dean's discretion, may attempt to resolve the situation without proceeding to the Faculty Appeals Committee. If the matter is not resolved to the student's satisfaction, the appeal letter will be sent to the Faculty Appeals Committee.

The Faculty Appeals Committee will not hear the appeal if the appeal letter does not detail the decision being appealed, grounds for appeal and outcome sought by the student, or if the chair of the Faculty Appeals Committee decides that sufficient grounds do not exist. If the appeal is to be heard and if the student has not already received a copy, the student is advised to request from the dean's office, a copy of the principles and procedures that govern the Faculty Appeals Committee for that faculty. These procedures will detail the composition of the committee, the right of the student to have an advocate at the hearing, how the hearing will be conducted, and other information.

The Faculty Appeals Committee will report its decision to uphold or deny the appeal in writing to the dean of the faculty, the Registrar and the appellant as quickly as possible.