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Summary of Changes for the 2021/22 Calendar
University of Calgary Calendar 2021-2022 Haskayne School of Business 4. Program Details 4.3 Co-operative Education Program
4.3 Co-operative Education Program

All Bachelor of Commerce students are eligible to apply for admission to the Co-operative Education program, with the exception of BSc (Engineering)/BComm combined degree students who are directed to apply to the Engineering Internship program instead. The Co-operative Education program normally includes 12 to 16 months of supervised paid work experience in various private companies and government agencies in addition to the eight required academic terms.

Students who wish to pursue the Co-operative Education option are urged to discuss their course selection with the Haskayne Undergraduate Programs Office as early in their program as possible. Bachelor of Commerce students completing the requirements of the Co-operative Education option will graduate with "Co-operative Education" designated on their parchment.


1. Prospective Business Co-operative Education students must complete a Co-operative Education application form.

2. The Haskayne School of Business has a quota on the number of students accepted into the Co-operative Education program. Admission will be competitive, based on the student's skills, attitudes and academic record. Students may be required to attend an interview to assess their suitability for admission.

3. Students should refer to 3.1 Admissions and 4.1 Bachelor of Commerce (BComm) sections of this Calendar for specific admission regulations pertaining to the Haskayne School of Business.

4. Students are required to pay a non-refundable admission fee. Details are available in section P.2.7 Undergraduate Co-operative Education/Internship Course Fees.


1. Applications to the Haskayne Co-operative Education program are accepted twice a year by the February 1 and November 1 deadlines. Direct entry students normally apply in the Fall of their second year in the Bachelor of Commerce program. Transfer students normally apply by February 1 following completion of 60 units applicable towards the Bachelor of Commerce program.

2. Applicants must have been admitted into the Haskayne School of Business before their Co-operative Education application will be reviewed.

3. To be considered for admission applicants must have a minimum GPA of 2.50. Admission GPA is calculated on the most recent 36-45 units.

4. Before a Co-operative Education student's first work term commences, at least 54 units and normally not more than 90 units appropriate to the degree program must have been successfully completed, including at least one business course relating to the chosen Concentration (e.g., Accounting 217, Finance 317), and Management Studies 217, Strategy and Global Management 217 and Entrepreneurship and Innovation 317.

5. Co-operative Education students should have completed no more than 90 units applicable to their Bachelor of Commerce before their first work term commences (consult the Haskayne Undergraduate Programs Office).

Work Term Requirements

Attendance at the Career Development Centre workshops including the Co-op New Student Orientation, is a requirement of admission and must occur before the start of the job search process.

In addition to their regular academic requirements, students pursuing the Co-operative Education designation must complete the following work term courses:

Co-operative Education 523.01, 523.02 and 523.03. Students completing back-to-back third and fourth work terms with the same employer will be registered in both Co-operative Education 523.03 and 523.04. Otherwise, Co-operative Education 523.04 may only be completed with the consent of the business school.


In addition to the Haskayne School of Business's regulations governing the Bachelor of Commerce program and the regulations governing the Co-operative Education program, the following regulations also apply:

1. Bachelor of Commerce students are required to complete a minimum of three four-month work terms, two of which must be completed while registered in the Haskayne School of Business Co-operative Education program.

2. Students wishing to transfer the credit of Co-operative Education work terms either from other faculties within the University of Calgary or from other institutions must submit a Haskayne School of Business Co-operative Education application.

3. November 1 applicants will normally begin their first four-month work term (Co-operative Education 523.01) in the subsequent Summer (Spring/Summer Intersession) Term. February 1 applicants will normally begin their first four-month work term in the subsequent Winter Term. Students can work a maximum of two Summer (Spring/Summer Intersession) work terms, the third work term must take place in the Fall or Winter Term.

4. Sequencing of work terms with academic terms is a flexible process which depends upon the availability of work terms, length of work terms (four or eight months) and the student's academic requirements.

5. Students must end their Co-operative Education program with an academic term.

6. The Co-operative Education courses are in addition to the normal requirements for each degree, i.e., students must complete the required courses and the required number of non-Co-operative Education courses as students completing the traditional degree programs.

7. Students must be registered full time during their academic terms. Students taking a vacation or a leave should inform the Haskayne Undergraduate Programs Office. While on a four-month work term a student may take one evening or weekend academic course.

8. Once students have met the BComm graduation requirements, they are no longer eligible to participate in the Co-operative Education program.

9. If a student's academic performance results in the student being denied further registration or required to withdraw from the Haskayne School of Business, or being placed on probation, the student will be discontinued or required to withdraw from the Co-operative Education program. If the student is discontinued or required to withdraw from the Co-operative Education program but has already accepted a work term, the employer will be informed that the student is no longer registered in the Co-op program. Termination of the student's employment will be at the employer's discretion.

10. While on a work term students pay an academic course fee and are considered as full-time students.

11. Upon completion of each work term, the student must present a work term report to the Haskayne Undergraduate Programs Office.

12. Students wishing to pursue the Co-operative Education designation who are enrolled in combined degree programs, other than the BSc (Engineering)/BComm program, should consult the Haskayne Undergraduate Programs Office for regulations. BSc (Engineering)/BComm students should consult the Engineering Internship office.

13. Students who receive a Failure (F) on a work term will be required to withdraw from the Co-operative Education program.

For further information please contact the Haskayne Undergraduate Programs Office.