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University of Calgary Calendar 2022-2023 Haskayne School of Business 4. Program Details 4.1 Bachelor of Commerce (BComm) 4.1.2 BComm Pre-Commerce Requirements for Transfer Students (including Change of Program)
4.1.2 BComm Pre-Commerce Requirements for Transfer Students (including Change of Program)

1. Applicants planning to enter the BComm program from a post-secondary institution (including the University of Calgary) must meet the admission requirements outlined in section A.5.3.1 Transfer Admission Requirements. Change of Program students are considered for admission under these same transfer admission regulations.

Assistance with program planning is available through the Haskayne Undergraduate Programs Office.

2. The grade point average for determining admission will be calculated as outlined in A.5.3 Transferring from Another Post-Secondary Institution - Transfer Admission GPA, after the Fall Term. Admitted students completing courses during the Winter Term must remain in good academic standing to maintain their offer of admission.

3. Courses or their equivalents presented to fulfill admission requirements must not have been repeated more than once.

4. Admitted students are advised that a maximum of 12 units with “D” or “D+” grades will be used to fulfil degree requirements. The minimum grade required in a pre-commerce course or in a course that serves as a prerequisite is “C-“ unless the course serves as the prerequisite to the concentration sought, in which case it must be a “C”. Refer to Concentrations.

5. Additional and/or alternate admission requirements may exist for entrance into a Combined Degree program as outlined in section 4.2 Combined Degrees. Prospective applicants are advised to contact the Haskayne Undergraduate Programs Office for details.


The following 18 prescribed units constitute the pre-commerce requirements for transfer (including Change of Program) applicants and must be completed as outlined in section A.5.3.1 Transfer Admission Requirements:

1. Economics 201
2. Mathematics 249 or 265 or equivalent
3. Statistics 213
4. Junior English
5. Economics 203
6. Statistics 217

In addition, the 12 units below fulfill BComm graduation requirements and it is strongly recommended that these be taken to complete a prospective student's remaining Year 1 registration:

7. Junior Commerce or Non-Commerce Option (3 units)1,2,3
8.-10. Junior Non-Commerce Options (9 units)1,2,3

Note: These courses need not necessarily be taken in the sequence indicated. Students should consult course descriptions in the latter section of this Calendar for prerequisites.

1Students are advised to refer to 3.3 Course Work .

2Students who wish to pursue a Concentration in International Business Strategy are advised that demonstrated proficiency equivalent to two courses in ONE modern language other than English is a requirement of this Concentration. A modern language minor is recommended. Refer to Concentrations for further details.

3Data Science 201 and University 201 are recommended courses for students interested in applying to the research-based Honours program in a subsequent year. Refer to 4.1.3 BComm Honours Program for further details.