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University of Calgary Calendar 2022-2023 Haskayne School of Business 3. Business School Regulations 3.3 Course Work
3.3 Course Work
Course Load

A student wishing to complete more than the normal load of 15 units per Fall or Winter term must receive special permission from the Haskayne Undergraduate Programs Office. Permission will not be granted for the business school admission term.

Enrolment in Commerce Courses

1. Registration in commerce courses will be limited to students registered in the Haskayne School of Business with the exception of courses described in the Minor in Management and Society program.

2. Yearly enrolment restrictions may be placed by the Business School on high demand courses.

3. In selecting courses, students must take cognizance of prerequisites for each course. Only with the written permission of the Associate Dean (Undergraduate Programs), Haskayne School of Business, upon the recommendation of the area chair and instructor of the course, will stated prerequisites be waived. Permission is only granted under exceptional circumstances. However, should a student fail to achieve satisfactory standing in any course for which the stated prerequisite(s) is (are) lacking, they may be required to successfully complete the stated prerequisite(s) prior to being permitted to repeat the course.

4. Students are not permitted to register in courses when less than a "C-" grade or equivalent was received in a prerequisite course.

5. A maximum of 30 units from the Haskayne School of Business may be taken by students whose home faculty is not the Haskayne School of Business.

Enrolment in Non-Commerce Courses

In selecting non-Haskayne options, students are cautioned that not all courses may be acceptable towards their program or available for registration. Program regulations, course enrolment restrictions and requisites may all impact a student's ability to register and/or use a particular course towards fulfillment of a business program requirement. To ensure appropriate course selection, students are strongly encouraged to discuss their course choices with advisors in the Haskayne Undergraduate Programs Office, and review academic requirements in their Student Centre. A list of recommended concentration-specific options is available for registration planning purposes.

Credit in Courses by Special Assessment

Students are referred to the Academic Regulations section of this Calendar for University regulations on obtaining course credits by special assessment (see B.13).

Application must be made on the form headed "Credit by Special Assessment" and signed by the Haskayne Undergraduate Programs Office. Students will be considered in light of their background and the program regulations.

A course previously failed or one in which a higher grade is sought may not be taken subsequently by special assessment, nor may any course be attempted more than once in this way. No more than 12 units completed by special assessment may be counted towards a degree.


A student is entitled to withdraw from any course up to and including the last day for withdrawals as indicated in the current Academic Schedule.

Students will not be permitted to withdraw more than once from a particular course. Students will be required to withdraw if they have accumulated a total of more than 30 units withdrawals while in attendance at the University of Calgary.

Repetition of Courses

A student may repeat a course previously attempted (excluding withdrawals) only once. This regulation applies not only to individual courses, but also to sets of courses where it is stated that credit for more than one of the sets is not allowed.

To repeat a course more than once will require the permission of the Haskayne Undergraduate Programs Office and the department offering the course. Permission is only granted under exceptional circumstances and students will normally be required to complete an academic skills development workshop or the full Academic Turnaround Program as a condition of permission. Students must not have previously participated in the Academic Turnaround Program for consideration.

Students who unsuccessfully repeat a course that is required for graduation will be denied further registration in the course and will not be permitted to complete their program in the business school.