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University of Calgary Calendar 2019-2020 Haskayne School of Business 3. Business School Regulations 3.1 Admissions
3.1 Admissions
Admission Requirements

The Haskayne School of Business has a quota on the number of students accepted into the Bachelor of Commerce program. Admission is competitive and meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission.

High School applicants: see section A.5.1 Canadian High School Students. For program requirements see 4.1.1 BComm Requirements for Direct Entry Students.

Transfer (including Change of Program) applicants: see sections A.5.3 Transferring from Another Post-Secondary Institution and 4.1.2 BComm Pre-Commerce Requirements for Transfer Students.

Students seeking admission into a combined degree program are further directed to 4.2 Combined Degrees.

Students seeking re-admission into the Haskayne School of Business following a voluntary withdrawal will be considered in competition with new transfer applicants and required to meet the transfer admission criteria prior to re-admission. Such students are encouraged to consult with the Haskayne Undergraduate Programs Office for advice and course planning.

Students seeking re-admission into the Haskayne School of Business after a requirement to withdraw are referred to "Student Probation and Dismissal" in 3.4 Student Standing.

Students who have obtained a Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Administration, or equivalent degree may not enrol in the Bachelor of Commerce degree.

Students who hold an approved non-business degree (BA, BSc, BEd, etc.), that is recognized by the University of Calgary are encouraged to speak to a graduate advisor regarding the admission requirements for the Master of Management (MMgmt) or Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs. Those who wish to pursue the Bachelor of Commerce as a second or subsequent undergraduate degree are considered as transfer applicants to the program. For additional regulations regarding admission to a second undergraduate degree, refer to A.5.5 Second-Degree Students in the Admissions section of this Calendar.

International Foundations Program (IFP) Pathways Stream

Offered by the Werklund School of Education in conjunction with the Haskayne School of Business, IFP Pathways to Business is intended for direct entry students who meet the academic requirements for the Bachelor of Commerce degree program, but who do not meet the English Language Proficiency requirement for admission. Applicants to the IFP Pathways to Business stream are subject to the general requirements for direct entry admission to the business school listed under Admission Requirements above. In addition, applicants must meet the minimum English Language Proficiency (ELP) scores for the IFP Pathways stream, as shown in A.11.1 International Foundations Program.

Students admitted to the IFP Pathways to Business stream complete the IFP Pathways to Business curriculum over the first two years, concurrently with the first-year curriculum of the Bachelor of Commerce degree program. A minimum of three additional years are required to complete the remaining Bachelor of Commerce degree requirements. Additional information is available at International Foundations Program (IFP) Pathways to Business.


Students must observe all deadlines. All documentation must be submitted to the Admissions Office, MacKimmie Tower 116, 2500 University Drive NW, Calgary, AB, T2N 1N4.

The Haskayne School of Business only admits students to the Fall Term.

Open Studies and Visiting Students

Applicants are referred to the Admissions section of this Calendar, A.14 Admission to Open Studies, where more information is given on entering the University under these categories.

Applicants who wish to complete Haskayne School of Business courses as Open Studies or Visiting students (bona fide students of another institution), are required to submit the appropriate application by the deadline indicated in the Admissions section of this Calendar. All transcripts supporting the application form must be attached.

Enrolment in the majority of Haskayne School of Business courses is limited to students formally admitted into the school’s degree programs, or accepted as Visiting Exchange students on a Haskayne-approved partner exchange agreement. Open Studies Degree-Holders and other Visiting business students on Letters of Permission, may also be considered for limited-enrolment courses.

Students who do not meet the requirements mentioned above will only be permitted to register in Management and Society (MGSO) Minor courses.

Registration is subject to space availability and the applicant meeting University of Calgary course requisites.

Students not formally admitted into the Haskayne School of Business degree programs will be limited in enrolment to a maximum of 30 units in the business school at the University of Calgary.

Students are advised to contact the Haskayne Undergraduate Programs Office for further details.