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Summary of Changes for the 2021/22 Calendar
University of Calgary Calendar 2021-2022 Academic Regulations F. Academic Standing F.1 Grading System and Transcripts F.1.3 Flexible Grade Option (CG Grade)
F.1.3 Flexible Grade Option (CG Grade)

The University of Calgary offers a flexible grade option, Credit Granted (CG) to support student’s breadth of learning and student wellness. Undergraduate courses using the CG grade will count toward degree requirements, however, will not have any impact on a student’s grade point average (GPA). The CG grade will appear on student’s transcript when applied to a course as the final grade.

  • A maximum of 9 units may be taken over an entire degree program with a CG grade
  • To opt for the CG grade, students must:
    • Be admitted to a degree program
    • Be in good academic standing to opt for the CG grade
    • Achieve a minimum final grade of "C-" or above
  • The deadline to request a CG grade is two weeks after the last day of term in which the course is offered. Late CG designations will not be approved once the deadline has passed.
  • Students who were found to have engaged in academic misconduct will not be eligible to receive the CG grade in the course for which the academic misconduct occurred.
Faculty units may have additional requirements or restrictions for the use of the CG grade at the faculty, degree or program level. Please see the Faculty section in this Calendar for additional requirements or contact your program directly. Students in a combined degree or double major in two different faculties, must consult with both faculties to receive approval for a CG grade.

Where the CG grade option has been requested and the minimum requirements are not met, the grade for the course as reported by the course instructor, will be recorded on the transcript.

Courses graded with a CG will be counted towards degree requirements, and may be used as prerequisties. The courses/units associated with a CG will be included in the annual academic review process, but will not be used for GPA calculation in the review. Courses/units may not be counted towards academic honours and awards.

This may impact a student’s eligibility for Dean’s list, Honours degree, or other academic awards as determined by each faculty.

Students who have a final grade after an academic misconduct ruling are not eligible for the CG option.

Students enrolled in exchange programs must consult the home faculty for eligibility and approval of the CG grade.

Students who plan to apply for a change of program, graduate and/or professional programs should consult with the program admission requirements to determine how the CG will be used. Students should be aware that some institutions and programs may not recognize courses with the CG grade option.

Students who have received scholarships from the University of Calgary or external agencies should consult with the scholarship terms to understand the impact of the CG on scholarship criteria (application and renewal requirements).

CG Grade for Deferral of Final Exam or Deferral of Term Work

Students who are approved for a deferral of final exam or deferral of term work may be eligible to apply for the CG when meeting the minimum requirements outlined by each Faculty unit. If approved, the CG grade will be posted to the transcript within 30 days of approval.

This may impact the ability to meet deadlines to use the course for a prerequisite, change of program, graduation, Dean’s list, awards and scholarships, and academic review.

Students who complete a deferred final exam will be eligible to apply for CG within two business days of the DFE grade posted. Students who have applied to graduate may be deferred to the following convocation.