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University of Calgary Calendar 2023-2024 Experiential Learning Work-Integrated Learning 3. Academic Regulations for Undergraduate Co-operative Education/Internship 3.4 Withdrawal Policies
3.4 Withdrawal Policies

The Co-operative Education/Internship program strongly values the commitment that is made between students and Co-operative/Internship Employers. The withdrawal regulations are to encourage students to be accountable for their commitments, thus students cannot withdraw from a co-op/internship course (or leave a work term/placement) without permission from their faculty.

Permission is only granted in cases of serious illness, domestic affliction or for faculty approved academic issues. Students will be withdrawn from the current registered course/work term and may be removed from the co-operative/internships program. The decision to remove a student from the co-operative/internship program is at the discretion of the student’s faculty of registration.

Students who wish to withdraw should contact their faculty co-operative or internship office and set up a meeting with an advisor. The advisor will determine the appropriate course of action.

Discontinuation/Withdrawal Without Permission

Students who leave a work term without the permission of their faculty will be assigned a grade of "F" on the course and will be dropped from subsequent co-operative/internship courses. Students will be required to withdraw from the co-operative/internship program and are no longer eligible to receive the Co-operative Education/Internship designation, regardless of the number of work terms completed.

Safety Considerations

The safety and security of students participating in an experiential learning placement is a high priority for both the university as well as the placement organisation. Students should receive training from both parties on health and safety protocols in the workplace that are relevant to them. If students find themselves in what they perceive to be an unsafe environment, of any kind, including in which they experience inappropriate and/or unethical behaviour or treatment they should inform their university contact immediately for advice as well as their employer. These factors will be taken into account in the withdrawal processes above.