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University of Calgary Calendar 2022-2023 Experiential Learning Work-Integrated Learning 3. Academic Regulations for Undergraduate Co-operative Education/Internship 3.3 Work Terms and Course Work
3.3 Work Terms and Course Work

It is the student's responsibility to plan work terms and academic terms in relation to course availability. The University cannot guarantee all courses will be available in all terms.

Both Co-operative Education and Internship programs should start and end with an academic term. Students in Co-operative Education programs normally alternate between periods of work and study. Work periods can be four months or eight months starting in the Winter, Spring or Fall terms. Students in some programs may do three consecutive work terms with the permission of their faculty.

Internship placements are normally a minimum of eight and a maximum of sixteen consecutive months.

The principles on integrity and conduct outlined in section K. Integrity and Conduct of this Calendar apply to all students participating in a Co-operative Education or Internship work terms.

Co-operative Education and Internship Courses

Students must register in a co-op/internship course for each four-months of their work placement. Co-operative/internship courses are in addition to the requirements for a degree program and will extend the study period.

Courses are graded on a Completed Requirements/Fail (CR/F) basis. This grade is not included in the calculation of the grade point average.

Once students are registered in a Co-operative Education/Internship course they are expected to fulfill their commitment. If the placement is for more than one four-month work term, students are registered in the appropriate number of Co-operative Education/Internship courses and commit to the internship for the duration of the placement.

Transfer Credit for Co-operative Education/Internship Courses

Students transferring to the University of Calgary from another university, or transferring from one program to another, should consult with their faculty regulations regarding transfer credit.

To receive the "Co-operative Education" or “Internship” designation students must complete a minimum of 50 per cent of the required work terms through the University of Calgary, unless otherwise stated by their faculty. Some faculties may have additional requirements and will determine the maximum number of transfer credits permitted.

Credit by Special Assessment

Students who have previous relevant work experience and who wish to request formal university credit may apply for credit "by special assessment". Students should consult their faculty for additional information and to confirm if credit by special assessment is available. Students granted credit "by special assessment" will be assessed the course fees for Co-operative Education/Internship courses.

Co-operative Education/Internship Course Evaluation

Each faculty will establish evaluation process for co-operative/internship courses which will be provided to students in the course outline.

If a student receives unsatisfactory performance or is asked to leave employment by an employer, the faculty will investigate the situation and determine the appropriate grade. If a student is asked to leave employment for "just cause" a grade of "F" will be granted and the student will be required to withdraw from the co-operative/internship program.

Disruption to Work Terms

In the event an unexpected disruption to the work term occurs, students will be accommodated as best possible. For example, this may involve a deferral of term work to extend the work term or allowing a student to withdraw from a course.

Maintenance Requirements

Students must meet minimum GPA and course requirements established by faculty and maintain full-time status. Students who do not meet these requirements will be required to withdraw from the Co-operative Education/Internship program.