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University of Calgary Calendar 2018-2019 Schulich School of Engineering 4. Program Details 4.5 Energy Engineering
4.5 Energy Engineering

Refer to 3.1 Admissions.

Energy Engineering, Regular Program

Suggested Sequence of Courses

Courses shown in both terms may be taken in either term.

Second Year



Energy Engineering 240 Energy Engineering 340
Mathematics 2091 Engineering 201

Energy Engineering 200

Energy Engineering 260

Third Year



Engineering 311 Petroleum Engineering 523
Energy Engineering 480 Complementary Studies Course (3 units)
Energy Engineering 300 Energy Engineering 400
Energy Engineering 425 Energy Engineering 460
Energy Engineering 360 Mechanical Engineering 471
Science Option2

Chemistry 209

Third Year



Engineering 5133

Complementary Studies Course (3 units)

Fourth Year



Engineering 519.034
Engineering 501 Energy Engineering 502
Energy and Environment, Engineering 355 Energy and Environment, Engineering 503
Energy Engineering 560 Energy Engineering 570
Engineering 319 Petroleum Engineering 533

Technical Elective Course (3 units)5

Engineering 481

Science Option (3 units)2

Energy and Environment, Engineering 575

1Required for students entering the Energy Engineering program in Spring 2017 or later.

2The courses that are acceptable for the Science option include Biology 241 or 243, Chemistry 321, Chemistry 357, Geology 377, and Physics 371. Other courses from the Faculty of Science may be substituted with approval of the Energy Engineering program director and the relevant department in the Faculty of Science.

3Online Course.

4Required for students who entered the Energy Engineering program in Spring 2015 or Spring 2016.

5Students who entered the Energy Engineering program in 2015 or 2016 and have completed Energy Engineering 350 with a passing grade may count this course as their technical elective.

Energy Engineering Approved Technical Electives

Select 3 units (one half-course equivalent).

Mechanical Engineering 421 Petroleum Engineering 521
Mechanical Engineering 505 Petroleum Engineering 525
Mechanical Engineering 521 Petroleum Engineering 561
Mechanical Engineering 583 Petroleum Engineering 563
Mechanical Engineering 599 Petroleum Engineering 571
Petroleum Engineering 507 Petroleum Engineering 573


  1. Students wishing to focus their elective in mechanical engineering should choose their technical elective from Mechanical Engineering 421, 521, 583, and 599; students wishing to focus their elective in petroleum engineering should choose their technical elective from Petroleum Engineering 507, 521, 525, 561, 563, 571, and 573.
  2. Technical electives in the undergraduate program and all graduate courses are offered, in any academic year, at the discretion of the department.