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University of Calgary Calendar 2023-2024 Werklund School of Education 4. BEd Program Details 4.5 BEd Honours Program
4.5 BEd Honours Program

Continuing Werklund School of Education Bachelor of Education students pursuing any pathway may apply for the Honours program.

Applicants must meet the admission requirements listed below, and must submit a Change of Program request by February 1st. A supplementary application package will be sent to Change of Program applicants by Undergraduate Programs in Education. Applicants must return this package by March 15th. Admission into the program will be for the subsequent Spring term.

Prior to application, students should review when Honours coursework takes place, as is detailed below in Program Requirements.

Students should also be aware that due to the composition of their degree requirements, completing the Honours Program may require that they take more than the minimum-mandated units required of their pathway.

Students in the Four-Year or Concurrent programs may want to consider utilizing open option, or elective, requirements to fulfill the 9 units mandated for completion of the Honours program as detailed in Program Requirements, below. Students who complete all electives by their eligible term of application, or Concurrent students whose co-degrees may not contain enough open option coursework, will have up to 9 units of elective coursework made extra to degree upon graduation. Students who choose to postpone elective requirements and are unsuccessful in gaining admission to the Honours program must complete any remaining courses in the Spring and Summer Terms prior to entering their 500-level Education (EDUC) courses.

After-Degree students should be aware that their degree contains no elective requirements, and as such, participation in the Honours program will go over the 60 units ordinarily required of their degree.

Admission Requirements

Applicants to the BEd (Honours) program must meet the following criteria:

  • Be in the process of completing, or have completed, all 400-level Education (EDUC) coursework
  • Have completed all other mandated coursework, aside from the 500-level Education (EDUC) courses or open options in the Four-Year and Concurrent pathways, as is detailed in Application, above
  • Present a minimum 3.30 GPA based on the 30 most recently completed units up to the Fall Term preceding desired intake into the Honours Program
  • If admitted, have maintained a 3.30 GPA in the Winter Term immediately preceding the Honours Program intake term
  • Present a minimum grade of "B", or 3.00 GPA, in all 400-level Education (EDUC) coursework
  • In addition to meeting the minimum grade point averages, applications are evaluated on the basis of the documents submitted in the admission application package

Meeting the minimum requirements is not a guarantee for admission. The faculty reserves the right to limit the number of students admitted into the BEd (Honours) program. Students on academic probation are not eligible for the BEd (Honours) program.

Program Requirements

In addition to the requirements for the Four-Year BEd, Five-Year BEd (Concurrent), or Two-Year BEd (After-Degree), BEd (Honours) students must successfully complete:

  • Education 571: Completed during the Spring and Summer Terms preceding their 500-level Education (EDUC) Fall Term.
  • Education 572: Completed alongside the 500-level Education (EDUC) Fall Term, as 6th course exception to the ordinary Bachelor of Education term course load.

Progression Requirements

BEd (Honours) students must maintain a 3.30 GPA across the Spring, Summer, and Fall Terms in which their Honours coursework will be completed. Education 571 must be completed with a minimum grade of a "B+", or 3.30 in order to move into Education 572. Education 572 must successfully be completed with a grade of "CR" for the Honours credential to be awarded.

Students may opt out of the BEd (Honours) program at any time and complete the BEd credential.