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Summary of Changes for the 2023-2024 Calendar
University of Calgary Calendar 2023-2024 Werklund School of Education 3. Werklund School of Education Regulations 3.2 Registration and Courses 3.2.5 Withdrawal from Courses
3.2.5 Withdrawal from Courses

Before withdrawing from Education courses, students are required to seek approval from the Director based on the student's BEd program pathway, prior to the deadline date for withdrawal. Students are also encouraged to meet with a student advisor for guidance prior to requesting approval for a withdrawal. Students will not be able to continue to the next Education semester, until all courses in the previous Education semester(s) have been successfully completed.

Withdrawal from one or more courses or from all courses in an Education semester can have serious consequences. Students are referred to B.14 Withdrawal from Courses and Withdrawal from the Term in the Academic Regulations section of this Calendar.

Students may not withdraw from a Field Experience course once it has commenced (Education 440, 465, 540, 560), except with permission. A school may decide to terminate a Field Experience early if it is deemed that there is a risk to the partner school, partner teacher or to its students. Early termination of a Field Experience by the school or by the student will normally result in a failing grade for the course. In exceptional circumstances credit may be awarded or a withdrawal granted, at the discretion of the Director, Student Experience and the Director, Field Experience.

Students will be required to withdraw from the BEd program if they have withdrawn from more than 15 units of Education (EDUC) courses, with a maximum of 30 units in all courses taken during their current program. Students who are required to withdraw will be advised in writing.