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Summary of Changes for the 2023-2024 Calendar
University of Calgary Calendar 2023-2024 Academic Regulations D. Change of Faculty or Program
D. Change of Faculty or Program

Change of Faculty or Program allows current undergraduate students to request a change to their academic program. These changes may include changing, adding or removing: major(s), minor(s), embedded certificates, concentration, honours, or combined degree.

Change of Program decisions are made by the admitting faculty. For Change of Program requirements, student should check the admitting faculty section of this Calendar, and with the faculty advising office. Some programs may have supplemental requirements (e.g. audition, portfolio, supplemental application) with separate deadlines.

The University of Calgary acknowledges and respects the rich diversity of learners, their communities, cultures and traditions, and their aspirations and abilities. To ensure equitable access, Change of Program requests from students who self-identify as Indigenous (First Nations, M├ętis, or Inuit) may receive additional consideration under an Indigenous process, if needed, and provided the faculty allows it. Students whose Change of Program is approved through an Indigenous process will be required to provide proof of Indigenous identity prior to course registration.

Change of Program approval is competitive and not guaranteed. Students whose Change of Program request is not accepted will remain in their current faculty or program.

Requests for a Change of Program are typically available from October 1 for most programs, and July 1 for the Faculty of Nursing (Transfer and Degree Holder Routes) January entry. Requests may be made online through the Student Centre. Results of Change of Program requests will also be visible in the Student Centre.

Deadlines to submit Change of Program requests are as follows:

Fall Term Change:

February 1: All programs

Note: The Bachelor of Social Work program does not accept Change of Program requests. Current University of Calgary students must submit the undergraduate application for admission to the Bachelor of Social Work program. Social Work students request changes to their program, including transfers between locations, by contacting Student Services in the Faculty of Social Work.

Winter Term Change:

September 1: Faculty of Nursing (Transfer and Degree Holder Routes only)

Summer Intersession Change:

February 1: Werklund School of Education (Four-Year BEd Community-Based Program)

Note: Change of Program requests to the Four-Year BEd Community-Based Program can be made by contacting the Werklund School of Education, Undergraduate Programs in Education Office.

Students seeking admission to the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, Cumming School of Medicine (MD program), Faculty of Law, and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine are advised to contact the faculty/school directly for admission procedures.