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University of Calgary Calendar 2018-2019 Academic Regulations B. Registration B.19. Open Studies Registration, Registration Standing and Appeals B.19.1 Registration
B.19.1 Registration

1. Course Load:

  1. Non-degree holders: students are permitted to register in a maximum of 12 units per term.
  2. Degree holders: students are permitted to register in a maximum of 18 units per term.

2. Enrolment Limit: Normally, students registered in the Open Studies category may attempt a maximum of 36 units. Failed courses are considered as attempts.

3. Students who withdraw from more than 15 units (2.5 full-course equivalents) will be discontinued.

4. Open Studies students who wish to audit courses must follow Auditing Regulations (see A.15).

5. Open Studies students are eligible to register on the Enrolment Appointment date indicated in their Student Centre.

6. Open Studies students who have been inactive for one Calendar year must re-apply for admission.

Student Responsibility

Students are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of their application and registration and for any adjustments throughout the registration process. Students are responsible for ensuring they have the necessary prerequisites and corequisites for courses.

Academic Advising

Academic advising is available to all Open Studies students through the Student Success Centre. For additional information visit or email