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University of Calgary Calendar 2023-2024 Academic Regulations B. Registration B.14 Withdrawal from Courses and Withdrawal from the Term B.14.1 Withdrawal from a Course(s)
B.14.1 Withdrawal from a Course(s)

Students who withdraw from course(s):

  • Prior to the drop deadline: will have the course(s) removed from their permanent record/transcript and will not be required to pay fees for the course(s),
  • After the drop deadline: will have the withdrawal recorded on their permanent record/transcript and will not receive a fee refund.

Students may withdraw from a course(s) through their Student Centre by the withdraw deadline (see Academic Schedule), with the exception of students in the Faculties of Law, Nursing, the Schulich School of Engineering and the Werklund School of Education who must first obtain approval from their faculty to withdraw from a course.

Students who wish to withdraw from a course more than once must speak with an academic advisor as they are not able to withdraw from a course a second time through their Student Centre. Students who withdraw from more than 30 units, attempted at the University of Calgary, may be Required to Withdraw (RTW) from their faculty. A student may not withdraw from a course to avoid academic misconduct (see F.3.1 Academic Standing).

Students are encouraged to speak with their academic advisor prior to withdrawing from a course(s) or making changes to their course schedule.

One week before the withdrawal deadline, instructors must inform students of the grade currently earned in the course; provided papers, assignments or tests have been submitted with sufficient time for marking.

Students who do not formally withdraw from a course are still considered registered in the course, even if they are no longer attending classes. In these cases, students will be assigned a grade and are responsible to pay the fees assessed for the course.