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University of Calgary Calendar 2019-2020 Faculty of Arts 3. Faculty Regulations 3.4 Graduation 3.4.1 Degrees with a Major Field
3.4.1 Degrees with a Major Field
Faculty of Arts Requirements for Degrees with a Major Field

The following requirements apply to all Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Science degrees with a Major Field:

1. Overall Program: Successful completion of an approved program consisting of 120 units.

2. Program Focus: Successful completion of the “Major-Field Requirements” and any associated “Other Requirements” for the relevant degree.

3. Academic Achievement:

(a) A minimum GPA of 2.00 must be achieved over all courses in the Major Field and over all courses in the program.

(b) A maximum of 6 units "D" or "D+" grade in the Major Field and a maximum of 18 units "D" or "D+" grades overall.

4. University of Calgary Study:

(a) A maximum of 60 units in eligible post-secondary transfer credits from other institutions may be counted toward the degree.

(b) A maximum of 24 units in eligible post-secondary transfer credits from other institutions may be counted toward the major field.

5. Depth: A maximum of 48 units at the junior or 200 level.

6. Breadth: All students, except those in the BMus or BFA Degrees, must take a minimum of 6 units from the Faculty of Science.

7. Physical Activity Courses: A maximum of 6 units may be taken from: Dance Education Activity/Theory, Outdoor Pursuits Activity/Theory, and Physical Education Activity/Theory.

Note: For each degree program, the “Major-Field Requirements” and any associated “Other Requirements” are defined under 4. Program Details. For each BA and BSc degree with a Major Field (and for the BCMS and BFS) at least 42 units and not more than 48 units in the Major Field are normally required. Students can choose to include additional courses in the Major Field to a maximum of 60 units. The Major Fields in BFA and BMus degrees typically require considerably more courses. The completion of some programs requires additional supporting courses from outside the Major Field.

Degrees with a Double Major

Students desiring a degree with a double Major must complete all of the Faculty, Major-Field and Other Requirements pertaining to both Majors. Permission to undertake a double major must be obtained from the Faculty of Arts.

Some restrictions apply to the pairing of majors as discussed under 4. Program Details. Note that to complete some double Majors, more than 120 units may be needed.

Major Fields "With Distinction"

The notation "With Distinction" will be inscribed on the permanent record and graduation parchment of any students completing a Major with a grade point average of at least 3.60 over the last 90 units taken for the degree. Courses from other institutions as well as the University of Calgary can be used in this calculation. In cases in which the last 90 units must include some but not all of a group of courses taken concurrently, the selection will be made in the manner most advantageous to the student.