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University of Calgary Calendar 2023-2024 Faculty of Arts 3. Faculty Regulations 3.3 Program Regulations 3.3.6 Second Degrees (After-Degrees)
3.3.6 Second Degrees (After-Degrees)

Students who already hold a Bachelor’s degree may pursue a second Bachelor’s degree, also called an “After-degree.”

Students cannot pursue an after-degree in a major field in which they already possess a degree, or in a field in which there is significant overlap. See 3.3.7 Overlapping Programs and A.5.5 Second-Degree Students.

Faculty of Arts Requirements for Second Degrees (After-Degrees)

The requirements and regulations pertaining to 3.3.1 Major Degree Programs and 3.3.2 Honours Degrees apply to a second degree, with the following differences.

Of the 120 units required to complete a Second Degree:

(a) Up to 60 units can be used from a previous degree, including no more than 24 units in the new major field.

(b) At least 60 units must be completed through the University of Calgary. Courses completed at the University of Calgary that were extra to a previous degree may be counted toward this requirement.

Admission to and Completion of a Second Degree with Honours:

Admission to Honours will be determined based on the GPA calculated over the most recent 60 units, which may include courses from the previous degree.

The GPA required for graduation with Honours will be calculated using only the courses completed for the Second Degree, i.e., those included under (b) above.

The Second Degree will be awarded "With Distinction" or “First-Class Honours” when a GPA of 3.60 or more is achieved over the courses completed for the Second Degree, i.e., those included under (b) above.