USRI Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about filling out, finding, or reviewing your USRIs? Take a look through our FAQ. If you can't find your answer here, feel free to reach out to us by sending us a message at the bottom of this page.


Fall term results: January 15 
Winter term results: May 15 
Spring and Summer terms results: September 15

All terms will be available online. There are no plans to archive or delete information.

Internet Explorer is the only officially supported browser used by the USRI software. The issue is caused by the default security settings with newer versions of the Internet Explorer web browser (e.g. any version of Internet Explorer newer than IE 9). An update to all computers on campus to automatically add these settings for Internet Explorer will eventually be added so these instructions will no longer be necessary, but sometimes, users may access USRI from home. Please follow these instructions to add the USRI link to your computer's web browser. 

Be sure to use Internet Explorer to login to USRI. If these instructions do not work, please contact Enterprise Reporting.
***If there are other issues with the computer or web browser that prevent it from connecting to USRI, please contact IT Support ( or 403.220.5555).

The Universal Student Rating of Instruction (USRI) consists of 2 pages. Page 1 asks questions about the student respondent. Page 2 consists of 11 questions asking about student perceptions of the course and teaching. These questions on page 2 use Likert Scales of 1 - 7.

USRIs and the qualitative faculty forms are not given out in courses where there are less than 8 enrolled students (or 8 students enrolled across combined courses).


In your Student Centre, do a 'Class Search' and you will see a link to USRI results underneath the course name. Not all courses have USRI results.

When you download the USRI report to PDF file, it includes a multi-page interpretation guide towards the end.


Please contact IT Help Desk with any access issues at or 403.220.5555. Once an instructor's contract is ended, access to the site also ends. Contact your department USRI Administrator.

Instructors with more than one UCID may experience a variety of issues. Instructors who have multiple UCIDs, will be prompted to select the UCID that’s associated with their instructor role when logging into USRI. If they choose a UCID that’s not associated with their instructor role, they may not be able to view the survey results. Sometimes, it’s possible if they do not see the results for the courses they taught, the survey results may have been scanned in under a different UCID. 

Instructors should periodically verify in PeopleSoft that they’ve been set up to teach under the correct UCID. Instructors who find that their results have been scanned under the wrong UCID, or if the wrong UCID has been set up in PeopleSoft, they should contact their departmental admin to either provide copies of the survey results or to correct the UCID in PeopleSoft

Instructors should verify they using the myUofC Portal under their faculty role. Select My Dashboard. The View Course Evaluation menu is located under Academic ->Teaching -> View Course Evaluations

If the Academic menu is not visible, and the Faculty has been selected (under Dashboard), please contact

If you have not yet received any USRI survey results before, and this is your first semester, results may not have been released yet. Results are released on Jan 15 (for Fall semester), May 15 (for Winter semester), and September 15 (for Spring/Summer semester). If response rates are too low, results are not released. Please contact your department USRI Admin for the results.

USRI reports will not be released if the valid response rate is: 1) less than 20% for classes of over 40 students; 2) less than 8 respondents for classes of 40 or fewer students.

Even if a full-year course is evaluated at the midpoint, results will not be released until the course has been completed.

The response sheet is very sensitive to how the student fills it out. Every effort is being made to improve the instructions to students and also adjustments to the scanning software to achieve a higher response rate. 

In the Summer 2020 session, three changes were made to the USRI questionnaire and report, including replacing mean scores with mode on reports. These interim changes are intended to improve the use of the current USRI questionnaire, while campus consultations proceed.

You can find more information on the USRI Review page.

When you are in your portal, you can switch your role to an administrator in the upper left hand corner.

Contact your department USRI Administrator. See above response regarding the release of USRI reports.


Administrator USRI instructions can be found on the USRI Website at USRI Website Access Instructions, or contact the Office of Institutional Analysis at

When you are viewing an overall Section Rating report click on the 'printer friendly' version and a pdf will be created. You can save this directly to your computer, email it, or print it.

These are some initial steps to take that may resolve common problems when logging into the USRI reporting site (for Admins, Deans, and Dept Heads).

Clearing cache, history and cookies

If your problem persists, email for help.