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Universal Student Ratings of Instruction (USRI)

USRIs are an important way for students to share feedback about their learning experiences.

Ensuring academic excellence through student feedback

Course survey feedback is a useful way to gather information about students’ course experiences.

USRIs consist of a quantitative survey (USRI) common across all faculties. Administered by the university, they also include a qualitative faculty or a department-specific survey that is more open-ended in question design.

Student ratings of instruction contribute to ensuring academic excellence in the university's curriculum by allowing students to provide direct feedback to instructors.

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Student Centre USRI link
D2L USRI access

USRI Resources

Find out how to access USRI results and learn how to provide good feedback. Read through specific resources for each of the following groups.

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By providing feedback to instructors, students help ensure academic excellence in the university's curriculum.

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Student ratings of instruction help ensure academic excellence in the university curriculum.

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Each faculty or department has a USRI administrative contact. ​​In some cases, this might be a shared role and there may be multiple contacts.