Students sitting in a circle with laptops and notebooks, talking to each other.

Student surveys

Student surveys are a valuable way for students to share feedback regarding their learning experiences.

Students sitting in a classroom looking at two presentation screeens.

Enhancing teaching and learning, one survey at a time

USRIs consist of a quantitative survey that is common across all faculties. Administered by the university, they also include a qualitative faculty or department-specific survey that is more open-ended in question design.

NSSE collects student feedback from hundreds of Canadian and American post-secondary schools and measures students' levels of engagement with the programs and activities at their institutions. UCalgary is committed to participating in NSSE and addressing the results that we receive from our students.

Course survey feedback is a useful way to gather information about students’ course experiences. These surveys provide students with the opportunity to give integral feedback and help improve institutional teaching and learning initiatives.