USRI Review

The University of Calgary is reviewing the current course feedback system, the Universal Student Rating of Instruction (USRI) questionnaire and process.


The Universal Student Rating of Instruction (USRI) questionnaire, the guidelines for administration of USRI, and the reporting of USRI data were approved by General Faculties Council at the University of Calgary in 1997. The USRI system was subsequently launched in the Fall term of 1998. The USRI at that time was a 12-item Likert-scale questionnaire developed to gather student feedback at the end of a course, and serve as one facet in understanding teaching quality at the University of Calgary. The guidelines that govern the USRI administration including expectations, form of the instrument, reporting, access to USRI data, guidelines for instructors, other use of the data, and archiving of USRI have not been modified since 1998.

USRI Working Group

In January 2019, a working group was formed to conduct a review of the University’s USRI system, including the current questions, the platform used to administer the USRI and the processes around communication, collection, and distribution of student course feedback. Upon a comprehensive review of the research, trends in student feedback in higher education, and consultations across campus, the USRI Working Group wrote a recommendation report.

The report was presented and passed at General Faculties Council (GFC) on April 7, 2022. The Teaching and Learning Committee will oversee the appropriate actioning of the recommendations including the formation of the Course Feedback Implementation Working Group.

Important documents

1998 USRI Report

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2003 USRI Review 


Literature review


USRI Working Group Terms of Reference