External view of the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning building, people walking past on the pathway.

Learning technologies

Enhancing teaching and learning across all platforms.

Learning Technologies Advisory Committee (LTAC)

Learning technologies are critical for supporting high-quality teaching and learning, pedagogical innovation and blended and online learning. The Learning Technologies Advisory Committee (LTAC) was formed in the fall of 2019 to ensure platforms for teaching and learning, and campus learning technologies, support high-quality teaching and learning and innovative teaching at the University of Calgary.

  1. Marielena Nunez

    Continuing Education

  2. Dave Anderson

    Cumming School of Medicine

  3. Nicole Wyatt

    Faculty of Arts

  4. John Holash

    Faculty of Kinesiology

  5. Vacant

    Faculty of Law

  6. Tracie Risling

    Faculty of Nursing

  7. Vacant

    Faculty of Science

  8. Angelique Jenney

    Faculty of Social Work

  9. Vacant

    Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

  10. James Steele

    Graduate Students' Association

  11. Cam Welsh

    Haskayne School of Business

  12. Geoff Crowe

    Information Technologies

  13. Jeff Bowes

    Information Technologies

  14. Trevor Poffenroth

    Information Technologies

  15. Leanne Morrow


  16. Vanessa Wood

    Office of the Registrar

  17. Tom Keenan

    School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape

  18. Ron Hugo

    Schulich School of Engineering

  19. Shaziah Jinnah

    Students' Union

  20. D'Arcy Norman

    Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning

  21. Allie Wright

    Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning

  22. Patrick Kelly

    Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning

  23. Leslie Reid

    Vice-Provost, Teaching and Learning

  24. Robin Arsenault

    Vice-Provost Teaching and Learning Team

  25. Paulino Preciado Babb

    Werklund School of Education