Search for Director, School of Public Policy

Search Update - November 23, 2023

We are pleased to announce that Martha Hall Findlay has been appointed Director, School of Public Policy, effective January 8th, 2024. Read the full announcement here.

Director, School of Public Policy

The new Director, School of Public Policy will be an accomplished policy professional with a deep understanding of and respect for research and the implementation and mobilization of this research as central to the policy dialogue.  Potentially holding but not requiring doctoral qualifications, the Director will be a pragmatic leader with a track record of building relationships and effecting change in a policy context.  As a strategic visionary, the Director will be responsible for: defining standards of excellence and identifying directions for new growth; engaging with community on- and off-campus to develop the relationships and funds required to achieve that new growth; and leading the overall administration of the School’s academic research, non-academic operations, and graduate education mission. The Director will enhance the School's position in campus, municipal, provincial, national, and international settings by working collaboratively with an engaged internal executive team, and across campus with other leaders to develop and implement the School's next strategic vision. As a trustworthy and visible leader, the Director will guide and promote this vision in a manner that attracts resources and secures funding to sustain and grow the school.

Provide feedback

*The feedback period is now closed* Provide confidential feedback for the search for the Director for the School of Public Policy. All feedback will be taken into consideration by the committee and search consultant. 

  1. Chair

    Penny Werthner

  2. VP (Research) Representative

    Katrina Milaney

  3. Academic staff member from the SPP

    Myles Leslie 

  4. Academic staff member from the SPP

    Blake Shaffer

  5. Academic staff member from the SPP

    Sara Hastings-Simon

  6. Academic staff member from the SPP

    Jennifer Zwicker

  7. Decanal Representative

    Ian Holloway

  8. MaPS Representative from the SPP

    Kyle Breckenridge

  9. AUPE Representative from SPP

    Crystal Hickey 

  10. SPP Student

    Faith Stewart

  11. GFC Representative

    Amy Burns

  12. GFC Representative

    Turin Tanvir Chowdhury

  13. Community Representative

    Darrell Beaulieu

Contact the Search Consultants

We seek your advice as we search for a new Director for the School of Public Policy. All responses will be kept confidential. 

Janet Soles & Associates is the firm supporting the search. Please contact their consultants directly with your questions, applications or nominations.

Janet Soles