Search for Dean, Haskayne School of Business

The University of Calgary has commenced the search for a new Dean, Haskayne School of Business. This process is outlined in the University of Calgary Procedure for the Appointment and Reappointment of Deans.

The advisory selection committee has been struck and the committee members are listed further down on this page. For information on the composition of the advisory search committee please see Procedure for the Appointment and Reappointment of Deans Appendix 1.


Dean, Haskayne School of Business

Reporting to the Provost and Vice-President (Academic), the new Dean of the Haskayne School of Business is the primary advocate and spokesperson, fundraiser, and connection to the community. They will be a distinguished leader who has the capacity to advance scholarly excellence and worldclass research and is motivated to lead an internationally recognized research-based, studentfocused center of excellence at the University of Calgary. As a bold strategic leader and champion of equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility, the Dean will be responsible for the overall administration and operations of the HSB, providing leadership for academic activities, innovative learning opportunities, scholarship, community engagement, and fund development. The Dean will demonstrate a commitment to the student experience, enhance the direction of HSB by leading the Haskayne 2025 strategic plan, and uphold the School’s vision and mission, and principles.  

Provide feedback

Provide confidential feedback for the search for the Dean, Haskayne School of Business. All feedback will be taken into consideration by the advisory committee and search consultant. 

  1. Chair

    Penny Werthner

  2. VP (Research) Designate

    Penny Pexman

  3. Tenured Academic Staff

    Catherine Heggerud

  4. Tenured Academic Staff

     Sandy Hershcovis

  5. Tenured Academic Staff

    Alain Verbeke

  6. Tenured Academic Staff

    Hussein Warsame

  7. TUCFA Representative

      Justine Wheeler 

  8. Decanal Representative

      Kristin Baetz

  9. MaPS Representative

    Stephane Massinon

  10. AUPE Representative

      Rochelle Lamoureux

  11. SU Representative

    Aly Samji

  12. GSA Representative

    Cathy Stones

  13. GFC Representative

    Andrew Szeto

  14. GFC Representative

     Sarah Eaton

  15. Community Representative

    Keith Brown

  16. Community Representative

     Eleanor Chiu

Search Consultant

We seek your advice as we search for a new Dean, Haskayne School of Business. All responses will be kept confidential. 

Janet Soles & Associates is the firm supporting the search. Please contact their consultants directly with your questions, applications or nominations.

Janet Soles