Search for Dean, Cumming School of Medicine

The University of Calgary has commenced the search for a new Dean, Cumming School of Medicine. This process is outlined in the University of Calgary Procedure for the Appointment and Reappointment of Deans.

The advisory selection committee has been struck and the committee members are listed further down on this page. For information on the composition of the advisory search committee please see Procedure for the Appointment and Reappointment of Deans Appendix 1.


Dean, Cumming School of Medicine

Reporting to the Provost and Vice-President (Academic), the new Dean of the Cumming School of Medicine will be an experienced and strategic leader, a good communicator and advocate, and an accomplished academic who is passionate about the evolving future of medical and health science education and research. Responsible for the overall administration and operations of the faculty, the Dean will develop and implement the next strategic plan for the faculty and to promote collaborative, transdisciplinary academic and research activities that will translate to improved health for the diverse populations that we serve. As a leader, the dean will model a commitment to creating and supporting accessible, diverse and inclusive teaching, research, clinical and work environments. Building on the School’s strengths in precision medicine and precision public health, the Dean will inspire, challenge, and engage students, faculty, and staff to ensure the Cumming School of Medicine continues to innovate the physical, digital, and biomedical worlds with a focus on social accountability and community partnerships.

Provide feedback

Provide confidential feedback for the search for the Dean, Cumming School of Medicine. All feedback will be taken into consideration by the advisory committee and search consultant. 

  1. Chair

    Teri Balser

  2. VP (Research) Designate

    Michael Hart

  3. Tenured Academic Staff

    Tara Beattie

  4. Tenured Academic Staff

    Susa Benseler

  5. Tenured Academic Staff

    Richard Leigh

  6. Tenured Academic Staff

    Gerald Zamponi

  7. TUCFA Representative

    David Stewart

  8. Decanal Representative

    Sandra Davidson

  9. MaPS Representative

    Peter Romeo

  10. AUPE Representative

    Cristina Rai

  11. SU Representative

    Rafael Sanguinetti

  12. GSA Representative

    Brandon Craig

  13. GFC Representative

    Susan Graham

  14. GFC Representative

    Nancy Moules

  15. Community Representative

    Saifa Koonar

  16. Community Representative

    Mark Anselmo

Contact the Search Consultants

We seek your advice as we search for a new Dean, Cumming School of Medicine. All responses will be kept confidential. 

Janet Soles & Associates is the firm supporting the search. Please contact their consultants directly with your questions, applications or nominations.

Janet Soles