Review of the Dean, Faculty of Law

The University of Calgary is reviewing the senior leadership position of the Dean, Faculty of Law. This process is outlined in the University of Calgary Procedure for the Appointment and Reappointment of Deans. The advisory decanal review committee will be struck in the coming weeks, and the committee members will be listed on this page. For information on the composition of the Advisory Review Committee and other details please see Procedure for the Appointment and Reappointment of Deans Appendix 1.

Once the committee is struck, they will meet twice during the fall term. The first meeting includes a review of the feedback received and the Dean’s self-assessment – which includes a summary of accomplishments and their vision and plan for the unit in the next five years. The Dean makes a presentation and is interviewed at the second committee meeting. Following the interview, the committee will make a recommendation regarding reappointment as the committee is advisory to the President.

The committee should complete their work and the recommendation submitted before the end of the Fall term. Information and updates regarding the review will be available on this webpage as we move through the process.

Advisory Search Committee

Chair                                   Dru Marshall
Vice President (Research) Designate   Susan Skone
Tenured Academic Staff    Catherine Brown
Tenured Academic Staff    Sharon Mascher
Tenured Academic Staff    Nickie Nikolaou
Tenured Academic Staff    Elizabeth Whitsitt
TUCFA Representative   Melanee Thomas
Decanal Representative   Sandra Davidson
MaPS Representative   Susan Marks
AUPE Representative   Chantal Pegg
SU Representative   Dalal Souraya
GSA Representative   Tanille Shandro
GFC Representative   Erin Gibbs Van Brunschot
GFC Representative   Hussein Warsame

Provide Feedback

To provide feedback for the official review process, please complete the Comment Form for the Review of the Dean, Faculty of Law.