Academic Biography

Dr. Steven Boyd, PhD, is a Professor, Department of Radiology in the Cumming School of Medicine at the University of Calgary and Director of the McCaig Institute for Bone and Joint Health. He is a Biomedical Engineer with joint appointments in the Schulich School of Engineering and Faculty of Kinesiology

Dr. Boyd’s research focuses on understanding the aetiology of bone and joint diseases, with a particular interest in interventions targeting osteoporotic fracture prevention and altering the trajectory of post-traumatic osteoarthritis following an acute knee ligament injury. His work develops and applies novel high-resolution imaging techniques and computational approaches, and he has established a vibrant research team consisting of a senior scientist, post-doctoral fellows, MSc and PhD graduate students, undergraduate students and full-time staff based at his Bone Imaging Laboratory. He has published over 170 peer-reviewed manuscripts, 7 book chapters and has an H-index (google scholar, 2019) of 48 with over 10,000 citations. Recent publications include work in the area of vitamin D supplementation (JAMA), opportunistic CT (Med Eng Phys), post-traumatic osteoarthritis (J Orthop Res), image-based finite element analysis (J Biomech), contrast-enhanced imaging (J Clin Densitom) and fracture prediction in a longitudinal cohort study of bone health (J Bone Miner Res).

In 2016, he established the Centre for Mobility and Joint Health (MoJo), which serves as a hub for numerous clinical studies by many PIs at the University of Calgary and beyond in the area of bone and joint research and other areas of biomedical research. He was appointed a Fellow of the American Society of Bone and Mineral Research in 2018, and he holds the Bob and Nola Rintoul Chair in Bone and Joint Research and the McCaig Chair in Bone and Joint Health. He research is supported by CIHRNSERCThe Arthritis SocietyCanadian Space AgencyCanada Foundation for InnovationNIH collaborations and industry.