Sept. 25, 2019

You’re not being a nosy neighbour – our doors are open Sept. 28-29

Doors Open YYC lets all Calgarians explore campus places and spaces that ignite curiosity

Ever wondered if you really have a voice for radio, or why the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning looks the way it does? On Sept. 28 and 29, you can explore, investigate and satisfy your curiosity with Doors Open YYC. The annual city-wide event unlocks the spaces and places that you might not otherwise see inside.

This international concept allows people across the city free access to buildings, to create enthusiasm for our architecture and the historic, culturally significant places that we walk past every day. As a community leader, the university is proud to be a part of this program that encourages learning and discovery.

UCalgary’s places will include:

  • CJSW Radio, where you can get a guided tour of the campus station and record your voice, to see what it’s like behind the mic. (Sept. 28)
  • Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning, where you can explore the architecture that inspires and the technology that enables our students to have the best learning experience at the hands of our skilled faculty. (Sept. 29)
  • City Building Design Lab, where you can learn from researchers about the architectural history of the building and tour some of the spaces not usually open to the public, including the digital fabrication workshop and design studio and maybe get your portrait drawn by a robot! (Sept. 29)

Find out more information about Doors Open YYC and all the spaces that you can explore.

Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning

Learn about the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning’s unique architecture.

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