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September 9, 2009

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Connect  Four: Q&A with Kevin McQuillan
Transitioning the arts and social sciences at U of C.

Flips, flops and cartwheels
Scientists discover gecko tail has mind of its own.

MSW student makes a difference for street youth
For many homeless youth, secrets are a sentinel against the dangers of the world, which is why gaining their trust is the first step towards getting them off the streets.

Medicine appoints new vice-dean
Dr. Jon Meddings returns to the U of C.

Lunch language classes
Interested in learning Italian or Spanish on your lunch hour?

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Sept. 9
> Not All Joint Pain is Arthritis

Sept. 10
> Research Project Management – Your Career in Gear
> SolAbode Send-off Celebration

Sept. 10
> New Staff Orientation

Sept. 11-12
> Kickoff 09

Sept. 16
> The Spaces in Between: Making Room for Learning Amongst all the Teaching in Post-Secondary Science Education

Sept. 17
> Trees, poets and wrestlers: Markin-Flanagan writers-in-residence read from their memoirs

Sept. 25 & 26
> Program of Dance Professional Series: Why Dance? Two The power of one, plus one, plus…

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