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September 8, 2009

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UToday is back from summer break and will continue everyday to bring you the success stories about our students, researchers and staff. It’s our goal to ensure the campus community has the most up-to-date information as possible. This fall watch for more videos, slideshows and a dedicated slot for sustainability news. We’ll continue to bring you the latest updates on the iS² Project, the search for the new President, our Dinos in action, and much more.

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Welcome back students!
More than 4,000 new students embarked on their university careers last week. Watch the slideshow from Orientation Week.

Cleaning green
The U of C has adopted a more environmentally friendly cleaning regiment, which includes new scent-free, biodegradable, products and incorporates equipment that uses less water and cleans faster.

Aasha (Hope)
Students create an NGO to raise hope and funds for Rajasthan women.

EVDS annual Egg Drop
“There’s no right answer to a design problem”

Dinos, Under Armour announce exclusive partnership
The University of Calgary Dinos  have  signed a four-year partnership with Under Armour Canada to be the official outfitter of Dinos Football through the 2012-13 season.


The Globe & Mail
Sept. 2/09
The most radical ideas on earth might just save it

Unless greenhouse-gas emissions drop drastically, efforts to save the planet could depend on controversial technologies that directly manipulate the environment, according to a report by Britain's top science academy.

“We have to have some way of managing that risk and geoengineering is the only plausible way,” said David Keith, an expert in the field at the University of Calgary.

The Calgary Herald
Sept. 2/09
China deal may unleash frenzy
China’s oilsands buying spree could herald the start of a fresh wave of foreign investment in Canada and improving trade relations between the two countries, observers said Tuesday.

Some have suggested the deal threatens Canada’s energy security and special trading relationship with the United States, the country’s single-largest customer for Canadian oil. But University of Calgary economist Frank Atkins dismissed those criticisms as fearmongering.

“I really don’t understand the security issue, I don't see anything sinister in it,” he said. “People are really digging up bogeymen where there aren’t any.”


Until Sept. 11
> Cipher: an MFA Exhibition

Sept. 9
> Not All Joint Pain is Arthritis

Sept. 10
> Research Project Management – Your Career in Gear
> SolAbode Send-off Celebration

Sept. 10
> New Staff Orientation

Sept. 11-12
> Kickoff 09

Sept. 16
> The Spaces in Between: Making Room for Learning Amongst all the Teaching in Post-Secondary Science Education

Sept. 17
> Trees, poets and wrestlers: Markin-Flanagan writers-in-residence read from their memoirs

Sept. 25 & 26
> Program of Dance Professional Series: Why Dance? Two The power of one, plus one, plus…

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